From: john on
"Chet" <
> On 7/16/2010 10:33 AM, john wrote:
>> ts185 is a nice bike
>> here's some bikes i remember having
>> 76 cz250<evil bike>

>> still have
>> yam pw80<kids>
>> yam ttr125<kids>
>> gas gas ec250<mine>
>> bikes i wish i still owned, well all of them i guess
>> john
> John, sound like you are a 50 and then some
> Chet

it's not the age, it's the miles.
my engine fixing habits started out
by pulling lawnmowers out
of the trash fixing them <one mans
trash is another riding money> by the time
I got to college I was doing pretty well
it only got a few easy miles,
and a whole bunch of hard ones

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