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dfhyman(a) says...
> > ��The guy I sold it to checked the rectifier and
> >
> > > tells me it's not got continuity as it should (according to manual) -
> > > but that's the *one* part they don't make any more. �It does have a
> > > spark, so is the rectifier really necessary? �
> >
> > Google is killing me here tonight.
> > I'll try this response for the third time.
> >
> > I have the part here if it's part 6 in the
> > Electrical - Wiring Diagram found here:
> >
> Of course that part is a regulator, not a rectifier. The XL500R parts
> bike has a regulator/rectifier, but I did not see one on your subject
> 600's diagram.

Sorry I missed the beginning of this thread but if the OP wants to talk to my
bud in Ohio who runs a alternator/genarator service, I am sure he would be
happy to talk to you on the phone.. Only problem is you will end up talking to
a really nice and hilarious dude, who may call you back just to chat here and
there;) Let me know or email me if you need his number.


In the mind of a racer, that checkered flag means nothing once you go by it.
It was your "last" win, and all you think about is changing that;)
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