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Trip Report - Algodones Dentistry
Bottom line: DO IT! *THE GOOD* The natives are friendly. Most speak English, and if they don't there's somebody nearby who does. The dentists are willing to work for 4 hours or more at a sitting and will shoot you sufficiently full of lidocaine that you're numb the entire time AND MORE. I had possibly 9 ... 19 Aug 2008 23:32
Which oil to use on the DRZ400?
Time to do an oil/filter change on the DRZ400 and wonder if I should go with semi synthetic or just normal SAE10-40. Manual recommends 10-40 and makes no mention of anything synthetic. Are there pros/cons for either? I use the bike almost strictly in the streets and hardly any highway use or speeds in excess of 110... 22 Apr 2008 01:44
Clutch basket repair
My 8 year old GasGas has slight grooves in the basket. In combination, the bike has always had a fair amount of clutch drag which is easy to overcome as it only is noticable when trying to start the bike in gear or bump/push starting the bike. Anyway, this place: Stormin Norman Racing , RR#2, P.O. Box 471, Ruff... 2 Feb 2008 11:21
Winter sux
On Jan 16, 12:41 am, "Jeff Deeney" <jeff.nospam.dee...(a)> wrote: Beta testing at the next snow storm.  A bunch of us have been experimenting with them.  I'm looking for something to enable both winter dual sport riding, and a simpler alternative to ice screws.  It would be heaven to spend 15 minutes ... 29 Jan 2008 10:18
For Sale`
1/2 can of Yamaha carb cleaner. I don't know much about the item as I wasn't the original owner, I stole it off some poor sucker. Make an offer. Rex McKinney ... 15 Nov 2007 12:34
Starving Pw50 runs for one minute and stalls
Traded a bunk bed for a Yamaha Pw50 I am unsure how to read the year from the serial # I have cleaned the carbs and the float seems to work well it was seriously varnished. has Plenty of spark and compression The choke makes no difference in starting if i put finger over carb intake it starts and idles 1st ki... 21 Oct 2007 17:10
1987 XR600R suspension
So I've got this ratty old XR600R. For a large percentage of my riding, it really works well and I have to admit that I like it more than I should. It's Achilles' heel is the suspension, primarily in the rocks. It's just completely unpredictable and downright scary when I start trying to push it. I have no idea ... 17 Oct 2007 16:15
GG125 impressions - ping Jim (FYI) Hijacked to DR350 Carb Tuning
"Wudsracer" <dirtbike_smackoverRemove(a)> wrote in message news:dpasd3lu85blqh33etue2jici90sbrr4rk(a) On Tue, 4 Sep 2007 21:59:07 -0400, "KW" <keith_warrennospamatallteldotnet> wrote: Snipped I have the weekend set aside. I'm just waiting on "the word" from the man, saying he... 5 Sep 2007 23:04
I had a problem with my eiger 400, it was running lean. Old gas I guess so i rebuilt the Keihin CVK32 carb new jets etc. the problem is now it runs rich. If I pull up the choke/thottle slide plate in the intake of the carb, it run good. Any ideas? Jim ... 27 Aug 2007 04:21
RacerX film of one of the gnasty sections of the Snowshoe GNCC ---- Go fast and aim for where the trees aren't. ---- ... 11 Jul 2007 00:48
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