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Super-High-Alcohol Beer Heads to the U.S.
As high as 82 proof (41% ABV),8599,1978705,00.html?xid=newsletter-weekly IdaRumGuy ... 13 Apr 2010 14:01
Wrenching Wride Wreport
(this is also at if you'd like to see it with photos embedded) I was desperate to go riding. My main bike has been in pieces waiting patiently for me to put it back together, and patience is definitely called for. The 'Pup was going to be here for a few days... 31 Mar 2010 22:13
AHRMA Cross Country Two Day ISDT Qualifier Warm-Up Event Video Footage
While I was up at the Wudi12 ride this last weekend, the Arkansas Dirt Riders hosted the AHRMA CC rounds 2 & 3. They were held as a "2 Day old style enduro", with separate points paid for each day. schedule: During the event, Brian Kirby took some helmet cam footage of h... 1 Apr 2010 11:19
New KTM electric bike shows up at Tokyo Show! The Austrian brand KTM is presenting two versions of an electrically- driven sport motorcycle for the first time. Both a sports-oriented offroad machine and a dynamic on-road bike are on display at the Tokyo Motorcycle show under the label "KTM Freeride". Matt... 30 Mar 2010 13:57
My kind of listing ... 25 Mar 2010 13:54
Husqvarna 125 - WR-CR-??
I forgot to add that the CR has a 19" rear wheel and the WR has an 18. The WR comes with an 0-ring chain and the CR doesn't. Tami- ... 25 Mar 2010 13:54
Happiness is a Gas Gas
Everybody should have one. Because the rest of life is not as reliable. It was fun chasing Sean around Jamie's track, just like old times. Sean was on a poorly tuned 125 and I had a hard time passing him. I believe there is no excuse for that. I got a very late start and ended up riding from about 4pm until ... 23 Mar 2010 09:03
SpodeFest 2010 Roll Call
************************************ On Tue, 16 Mar 2010 11:32:52 -0700 (PDT), Tim H <tntharrell(a)> wrote: Just to re-confirm, we're in (the good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise). Tim H ********************************************** Yeah! That's what I meant to say. Wudsra... 21 Mar 2010 12:47
Los Angeles
Are you guys ok? Hope so! Please report back! -- T ... 7 Apr 2010 06:49
Death by roost?
stolen bikes: Reply to: sale-p3vby-1640278712(a) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I AM OFFERING A REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF THIS APPROX 2007 KTM 144 AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE. I AM OFFERING $ 750.0... 12 Mar 2010 10:36
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