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Cheese Louise! was Spodefest is nearing
Now I need to figure out how to get a repair estimate on a Haulmark trailer before Friday morning. Take the cost of a brand new Haulmark, then add the cost of a zip disc and a six pack. Hope it works out well, quickly. ... 28 Jul 2010 14:07
Hey Tim...
Question... As you came up through the ranks did you find that some folks (who used to beat you and don't anymore) got to appreciate you less and less as it were. Seems in MX some folks are only your friend if they are still faster than you... Serious question, cause if not, it's just me and I gotta' do somet... 25 Jul 2010 20:37
Tim H wrote: Dean already knows better, and is probably consumed by regret for missing it. Tim H- ------------ Don't count him out yet. He pulled this trick last time. Said he was not going to be there. And who do I see the moment I climb out of my truck at Camp? Looking forward to seeing all t... 27 Jul 2010 11:48
Looking at a Gas Gas 250 Ec
I think its an EC or maybe an XC. Its a 2005 or so and only has a few hours on it. Is this bike any good? I know there are lots fo Gas Gas fans here so lot the conversations begin. I will tru to take photos and post them. OF ... 19 Jul 2010 11:24
4 stroke exhaust tuning
I removed the muffler on my Honda CRF230L from the header, the header ID is 1.250 Dia, so I slipped an 1 3/8 id tube over the header and clamped it the tube is 18" long near the end I drilled a series of holes and used a larger dia tube to make a muffler and packed it with fiberglass cloth, so the over all leng... 16 Jul 2010 13:18
Spodefest is nearing
Spodefest is fast approaching and I just started locating my camping gear. It has not been used in a few years now. :-( I started the Pampera and forgot just how much compression that thing has. I have the scraped ankle and bruised calf to prove it. I repaired the endcap on my '05's spark arrestor, but it may n... 26 Jul 2010 16:06
Sleeving a nikasil cylinder
On Jul 12, 9:32´┐Żam, Tiago <diariodastril...(a)> wrote: Of my 94 RM125. I will never race it (as a matter of fact, I will never race MX again, I still love my limbs). Original cylinder is badly scored. Replate company 1000km+ away from me said at least R $800, or almost USD500, after s... 19 Jul 2010 14:43
which MX boots size 12 fit duck feet?
I have a couple pairs Alpinestars Tech5. Trusty protection and all. But I'd like to replace them for IDSF'10 with something equally strong but more comfortable for my wide feet. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes a size 12 not only lengthwise? I tried to get into the venerable Tech 10 just to... 21 Jul 2010 16:59
Sold the XL600R I Should Be Horsewhipped?
Will I be escorted out of this club as a neo-wannabe? The big guy has more motorcycles than me. I want a younger, trimmer and prettier complement, I know its me, but that old b*tch seemed to pack on the pounds recently. That hefti-cycle is somebody else's fun. I don't want a girl friend as much as I wa... 12 Jul 2010 11:53
LEM 50cc quad clutch oil?
I purchased a little LEM 50cc quad for my daughter that needs a bunch of basic maintenance. What weight oil goes in the gearbox? Can I use Rotella?, or should I use 90w? Thanks, Dennis Kennedy ... 12 Jul 2010 14:07
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