From: sturd on
Dean asks:

> That does work, but you still need a holder to properly torque it back
> on, yes?

Nope, wrench and gloved hand that direction too. Mind
you, I always use a new lock washer and bend it up.

Go fast. Take chances.
Mike S.
From: Hustlin' Hank on
On Dec 26, 9:17�am, sturd <mikesturdevant...(a)> wrote:
> Scoob(a)Doo,net asks:
> > Anyone have a trick to hold the basket besides buying a specialized
> > tool?
> Air wrench on the nut, gloved hand on the basket. �That's how I
> do it. �Wrench spins fast/hard enough a tool has never been required.
> If you want a tool for the inner basket, take an old steel plate and
> weld
> on a 6-8 inch long piece of rod. �I've never found that necessary
> with the above technique.
> Go fast. Take chances.
> Mike S.

I agree. That's the way I do it too. Easy, fast. I put it back on with
a little "blirp" from the 3/8" air ratchet. Fold up the tab and it's
done. Haven't had any problems yet.

From: JayC on
> 1. Use a soft piece of metal (a penny) to jam the gear you had to move
> to the Hinson basket.

Last time I pulled a clutch, I just jammed in a rag to stop the
primary gear then hit it with an impact wrench. No chance of damage

From: Tiago on
On Dec 28, 9:17 am, I am Tosk <justwaitafrekinmin...(a)> wrote:

> Well, I am new at this but if you are changing out the basket anyway,
> why not hold it with a screwdriver or something. What 'cha gonna' do,
> notch it? ;)  

break it. That metal is very weak, it doesn't stand much force...
Besides, where are you going to support the screwdriver? On the case?
On a gear shaft within the engine? You might damage the part you are
holding the screwdriver against...

I always used the combo 6th gear + rear brake, never had a problem...
This method was also used, with great success, to remove the magneto

Now, if you have the wheel off or for some reason the clutch is not
connected to the counter sprocket (engine partially disassembled), the
idea of jamming a coin between gears is an option. I've used that with
success too... :)

I've come to the conclusion that few special tools are really needed.
Some ingenuity and inventiveness and you can adapt anything to do the
job. Magneto exctracting tools (for Hondas, at least), for instance,
are simple long bolts that you can purchase at any hardware store for

-- T
From: sturd on
Volker Bartheld and Wudsracer tell:

[tales of stuck bolts/.nuts deleted]

The fact that they were still tight and not stripped
implies that they may have been designed to be
tightened that tight. Maybe.

In both cases though, assembly lube (never-seize
or equivalent) should always be used. Does not
apply to inside your transmission case of course.

The lube insures adequate torque is achieved
during tightening and increases chances you'll
be able to get it apart.

Not much you can do about factory (shop)
assembly except take everything apart when
you get it home and do it over.

Go fast. Take chances.
Mike S.
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