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Volker Bartheld repeats:

> > The lube insures adequate torque is achieved during tightening and
> > increases chances you'll be able to get it apart.
> Second that!

Actually, I mis-spoke there. It's adequate preload you need and lube
insures that X torque = Y preload. Preload is what holds bolted
together, not torque. Torque is the means to get the preload.

Go fast. Take chances.
Mike S.
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On Dec 25 2009, 4:28 pm, Scoob(a)Doo,net wrote:
> Hello!
> My clutch basket is a bit notched so I purchased a Hinson basket but I
> don't have a clutch holding tool to hold it to get the bolt off.  I've
> never done this before and don't plan on doing it again so I'd hate to
> break down and purchase the tool and I don't know anyone I can borrow
> one from.
> Anyone have a trick to hold the basket besides buying a specialized
> tool?

Well, it's a specialized tool, but not so specialized that it won't
work on just about any bike out there.

Before I had this tool, I would fold some copper & jam it between the
gears. The gear jammer from Motion Pro is very slick. It has a
magnet to help hold it in place.

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