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On Wed, 04 Nov 2009 00:41:32 +0000, Zebee Johnstone wrote:

> Does aerodynamic metal count? Especially mudguards?
> Zebee

Hmmm. It's hard to see in that image but I think I see a little
aerodynamic plastic windscreen just above the instruments?

In any event, you're right, correction required: " A purist might argue
that they don't have any form of aerodynamic *bodywork* at all. "


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On Oct 31, 11:44 pm, "Deevo" <deev...(a)> wrote:
> "Kevin Gleeson" <kevinglee...(a)> wrote in message
> > There's something about this one that gets to me
> >
> I'll bet running temperature would be an issue.  Nice though.

Don't know if an engine forced to breathe through inlet tracts as long
and as convoluted as those would be able to burn enough fuel to make
overheating an issue... since he's gone to that much trouble already,
he might as well have bolted on a turbo for each cylinder bank while
he was at it.

Lovely, lovely one-off, but also a graphic illustration of why there
aren't more V12 motorbikes around.