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Theo Bekkers wrote:
> Untermensch wrote:
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>>> I suspect it should look just exactly like the one on your helmet.
>> Mine is the 5 ticks, but these other were not.
> I just checked the four helmets in our house, ranging in age from 3 months
> to ten years, all have the five ticks. Brands are one Nolan, one Matrix and
> two Shoeis. My fire helmet has an AS 1801 sticker, is made of kevlar, and
> doesn't have any ticks.
> Theo
My Nolan N102 which is 3 months old has the standards sticker - silver
backing, with red printed on the left third. The words "Certified
product" written *up* the left side and 5 silver ticks on the edge of
the red. The rest has black writing saying the standard number, issuer
and (what I assume to be) a serial number. Anything with a different
sticker is a "novelty hat" - I certainly wouldn't wear one. To my
understanding said sticker's been the same since its inception.
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Nev.. wrote:
> jlittler(a) wrote:
>> IIRC...
>> If it doesn't have the 5 ticks logo then the manufacturer hasn't been
>> certified by standards Australia and is displaying a sticker claiming
>> compliance. I believe this is legal but there's big fines if they
>> don't prove to actually be compliant.
> How does that work in practice? Surely when Mr Plod stops you for a
> random helmet check your helmet will be either certified as compliant or
> non-compliant... how can there be a "might be compliant" category?

Buggered if I know. That's why the MCC of NSW were bitcing about it in
the positioned for safety doc IIRC correctly which of course I may not be

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> Does anyone have a copy Aus Std 1698 regarding motorcycle helmets.
> I need a copy of this in PDF form.
> It is more to settle an argument over what the sticker should look like.

If you're keen to post your e-mail address somehow I can get a copy to you.

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> Mine has a chin strap and a visor...
> --
> Toosmoky
> Work to ride, Ride to Work...

Mine has ribs on it like a starvin dingo

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Untermensch wrote:
> I was of the opinion the sticker must the the "Five ticks" sticker, but I
> was is a (Horror) scooter shop and the helmet had a smal white sticker on it
> which was marked AS1698. Now the inner liner had a small stictch in patch
> but di not have al lthe details it should have, so we got to arguing whther
> their has been a change in standards and the use of the 5 ticks sticker.

If Australian Road Rider is to be believed, the patch sewn into the
lining is what's legally required; the sticker is simply to make
verification easier.

Don't have the issue in front of me but it was one of the last three or
four, a response from the editor in the letters section regarding those
white stickers vs the tick stickers.