From: theo on
On Sep 23, 12:06 pm, "George W Frost" <georgewfr...(a)> wrote:

> Are you saying that you want to be a friend of mine Nev?

> or is it because I have a 900 Bol Dor sitting in the shed waiting?-

Damn that was funny. I nearly choked.

From: JL on
On Sep 24, 9:08 am, "George W Frost" <georgewfr...(a)> wrote:
> "JL" <jlitt...(a)> wrote in message
> news:2fbf35a0-a5af-4edc-a146-37274b946b13(a)
> On Sep 23, 8:57 pm, Mr_Han...(a) wrote:
> > On Tue, 23 Sep 2008 08:19:29 GMT, George W Frost wrote:
> > >My shed is about 75 feet by 30 feet
> > That's what I call a shed
> > Can I be your friend?
> Only if you don't ask him any questions
> Why not?


A sound I'm sure you hear a lot
From: justAL on
Hey Cam,


"CrazyCam" <CrazyCam(a)> wrote in message
> Hi folks.
> Any of you lot (apart from GWF) got a pair of BMW panniers that would fit
> a 1998 R850R lounging about in a shed, all unwanted?
> When I bought the bike, from Procycles, about four months ago, they did
> offer a pair of new panniers for some $840, and I, stupidly, didn't accept
> their offer.
> Went in last week and asked about them and got told, no, that was the
> price then, now they want about $1200. :-(
> The bike has the standard BM mounting brackets, and the left hand case
> seems to be an odd, cut out shaped thing.
> regards,
> CrazyCam

From: CrazyCam on
justAL wrote:
> Hey Cam,
> justAL


Ain't that just the way of it. :-(

You order the new, at vast expense, and, next thing you know, there are
some second hand ones....<shrug>

Thanks Al, I certainly don't hang around adventure rider groups,
remember, we have established that I'm a wimp rider.

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