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Diogenes wrote:
> Now if only you could get Nev to understand what I wrote, he wouldn't
> need to keep erecting straw men everywhere... ;-)

Heh heh heh, "Erect Strawman".



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"Zebee Johnstone" <zebeej(a)> wrote in message
> In on Sat, 10 Apr 2010 10:52:16 +1000
> Milton <millame23(a)> wrote:
>> It has always been my policy not to use right indicators on a bike but a
>> hand signal instead for the reason, too many accidentally leave there
>> right
>> indicator on and when approaching an intersection with an oncoming right
>> turning vehicle, of course they are assuming you are turning right as
>> well
>> and progress around the corner in front of you.
> Problem with that is that there can be timing problems as to when you
> get your hand back on the throttle to get around the corner.
> You need to keep your hand out long enough to be clear to all,
> including the bod coming the other way who has been distracted, and
> yet brake and turn correctly.

Yes, it is difficult at times particularly if you have to stop. In that
scenario I would use the indicator as well.
> I use hand signals when I think clearances are tight as the motion
> attracts attention. So if there's someone close behind me, or
> someone coming the other way and I expect I won't need to stop but I
> think they need to know I'm turning (so they don't speed up to get the
> lights...) then I'll use the hand signal.

> I'll often use a signal - left or right - when turning isn't common,
> some roundabouts and some other choke points.
> I'll also not assume someone's turning till I see their front wheels
> start to turn.

Yep, agreed but my point was using a right turn indicator, one can sometimes
accidenally leave it on for whatever reason and you don't notice it is still
on. You come to a corner wanting to go straight but your indicator says you
wish to turn right. The car coming the other way wants to turn right, sees
your indicator blinking to the right, so he/she proceeds to turn in front of
you thinking you are turning right also. This can happen with cars as well,
not just bikes. How many times have you seen cars/busses/trucks on the
highway with their right indicator still blinking after changing lanes or
> Zebee

From: Capt About Lunchtime on

"> Was about to reply to this thread but then noticed Zebee's post and
> again she has posted a succinct summation of what I would have said.
> The only thing I'd add is that; think of Doppler effect as well, you
> only really hear that noisy bike as it passes you, ie by the time it
> is way too late. As a safety factor it is total bollocks.
> Kev

Well I must live in a different universe to you two.
When I'm travelling in my Mitsubishi Express van A vehicle with shocking
side and rear visibility, I'm often alerted to the presence of a motorcycle
somewhere in my vicinity some time before it has passed me, by virtue of
it's exhaust noise. Similarly when stopped at an intersection I can hear a,
louder than usual, motorcycle approaching, sometimes long before it comes
into sight.

In both instances I'm involuntary made aware of their presence giving me the
inclination to look further than I might have. I know I'm sometimes
careless with my casual attention span but I'm not alone in this regard. I
accept that it may be difficult to determine where the bike is, as is the
case with emergency vehicle sirens but I know there around close and take an
extra effort to locate them.

Therefore I'm in favour of "louder than new" motorcycles as my staintune
conti rep. bevel ducati's have fitted and my screaming eagle harley pipes.
Both louder than new motorcycles but not loud enough , I believe, to be
offending . Never been booked or warned for em yet anyhow

Capt A. L.

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Jason James wrote:
> I love
> the sound of a loud Ford V8, and if I could get away with it, I run open
> pipes on it (when I had it),..the difference is, people love the sound of a
> V8 as opposed to a Harley twin POS.

There are a LOT of people who love the sound of a Harley with loud pipes
(ok there's a lot who love the sound of a V8 too) and there are a lot of
people who think Harley twins aren't POS.

Having said that I've always thought it was rather odd that the police
would hassle a bike with loud pipes UNLESS it was a Harley who always
seemed to be left alone.

If they are applying the noise regs across the board now then I don't
have a problem with that.

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Feral wrote:
> Jason, have you got children?

I don't know about Jason but I do, all of them from the youngest to the
oldest have always reacted "ooo bike! bike! bike!" rather than anything
negative even when they've been VERY loud. [1]


[1] If you've met Molly then you'd know that the last thing the
energizer bunny is bothered by is people riding motorbikes.
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