From: CrazyCam on
Albm&ctd wrote:

> You don't fucki*g get it do you.

I think it's you have lost the plot.

The rest of us are discussing the benefits or otherwise of having loud
exhaust pipes.

> The ultimate aim is not just to ban load pipes
> but to make all aftermarket pipes illegal so you have to be running approved
> manufacturers pipes. FFS WAKE UP!!

I think pretty well everyone here in knows this.

Some of us are even awake, at times, on a good day with a following wind.

Viewed in the context of most states in Oz would happily ban motorbikes
altogether, if they thought they could get away with it, I personally,
can't see having noisy, non standard exhausts is something worth going
to the barricades over.


From: Zebee Johnstone on
In on Fri, 09 Apr 2010 16:31:20 +1000
CrazyCam <CrazyCam(a)> wrote:
> Over the years I have experimented with a variety of methods of getting
> car drivers to actually notice me, on a motorbike.

I am reliably informed that a little red cocktail dress and high heels
do a good job.

- looking very innocent
From: Nev.. on
On 9/04/2010 12:09 AM, atec7 7 > wrote:

> Noisy pipes can save lives
> did you notice todays in the news was some bloke who didn't see xing
> lights and got hit by a train ?
> I don't like loud bikes either but a louder train might have been heard

LOL A louder train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Loud trains save lives.

WTF77 strikes again

From: BT Humble on
Zebee Johnstone wrote:
> You won't make someone think you are worth preserving by being an
> arsehole to them.
> And if you think "well, if I pretend to be a bad person they will be
> scared of me, and that's good enough" then you are definitely
> suffering a false sense of security.

I always wondered why the car drivers in "Mad Max" didn't just do a little
swerving when surrounded by Toecutter's gang...


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From: Nev.. on
On 9/04/2010 9:13 AM, thefathippy wrote:

> Of course, my response is only based on anecdotal evidence, however, I
> have noticed that car drivers have seemed more aware of me when I'm on
> a loud bike than when I'm on a quiet bike (my current bikes have
> standard exhausts). I've always put it down to what I call the "bikie
> phenomenon".

From your anecdotal evidence, which bikes did you have loud pipes on
and which did/do you have quiet pipes on?

'08 DL1000K8 - Stock pipes, but equipped with 139dB airhorns which make
plenty of noise on demand.
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