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>>>>> Hey, I drive a car for the most part these days (courtesy of
>>>>> someone in
>>>>> an
>>>>> old Corona who thought stop signs were optional when I was in the
>>>>> intersection on my 125cc Scooter) and I can manage to see
>>>>> motorcycles on
>>>> the
>>>>> road. Why can't you?
>>>> Because most car drivers who have never ridden, don't feel the need
>>>> unfortunately.
>>>> MrT.
>>> Precisely the point I made a long time ago.
>>> That every driver should have at least one year, maybe two years on a
>>> motorcycle first, then get a car licence
>> You end up with more in hospital.
>> Years ago at work for instance every single apprentice who got a motor
>> cycle as first vehicle had fairly big accidents with time off work,but
>> the ones who got bike licenses after driving cars for a few years did
>> not.
> I agree.. Car licence first. Learn to interact with other road users
> within the relative safety of a cage. When I started riding, about 2
> yrs after I started driving, i observed that most of the young riders I
> knew who had multi vehicle, SMIDSY type accidents on bikes were those
> who had not 'cut their teeth' on the roads in cars. Also agree that
> some experience on a bike makes for a better car driver, but suggestions
> that people should be compulsorily required to ride are absurd. It
> would be about as well received as if all motorcyclists were required to
> compulsorily give up riding motorcycles for a year or two.
This is probably true if you're starting from scratch on both types but
by the time I was 17 I was a very experienced road cyclist and paddock
motorcyclist but a complete novice in a car.
I had far more crashes and incidents in the car over the next couple of
years than I did on the motorbike (but more injuries on the bike).

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>>>> Nothing like a Velocette 500 cc at full roar out the fishtale at 1oomph
>>> A fish story?
>> At "Loomph" (a Nordic fishing town presumably).
> Not ompalumpa then ?

Not even oompaloompa