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On 2010-04-20, theo (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
> On Apr 19, 6:20 pm,
> YnRAaHVtYmxldG93bi5vcmc=(a) (BT Humble)
> wrote:
>> Heh!  If my truck were to suffer hail damage I doubt I'd be able to see
>> the difference! :-)
> Vans are like utes. If it doesn't hav e a few dents and scratches,
> it's not a real van, or ute.

Our receptionist thought that the day before we were to take our fleet
van to auction. The side door and panel have been wonderfully dented
by a brick wall. The door quite amazingly still slides perfectly
smoothly along its track.

Knowing the rorts one of our guys manages to pull all of the time, he
probably bribed her to damage it so he can buy it a few of grand cheaper.

These days I'd use MOSFETs. 1kV 6A (use at 200VDC) ones are about $10 US.
Should do a hell of a job on twisted pair Ethernet equipment. - Brian in ASR
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