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Damien wrote:
> Andrew Price wrote:
>> Recommended therapy - anyone tried the Tralaga road recently and can
>> say if
>> its good?
> I did it last weekend (through the blasted bloody wind and rain and snow
> - last time I head off anywhere without checking the bloody forecast
> first!)

Correction, the weekend before! (22nd)

I didn't even consider going back that way on the Sunday though, since
the weather deteriorated even further (and I found out when I got home
that the road was closed between Bathurst and Goulburn anyway). It took
1.5 hours to do Bathurst-Cowra, and a fair chunk of that extra half hour
was spent just getting to Blayney in the first place (normally only a 20
minute ride!).
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bikerbetty wrote:

> Yep, last Saturday - and the views were indeed lovely. The clouds were low
> and black and occasionally they leaked and spoiled the view a bit, but it
> was a nice ride. The last of the unsealed bits are now sealed, and a few of
> the old sealed bits need resealing. Around Black Springs there are some
> impressive potholes.
> betty

Be thankful you weren't on the road the weekend before! :-)
From: jl on
Diogenes wrote:
> One year after I become Dictator of Australia, I PROMISE you the
> rortists woud either be digging for water or they'd have bolted
> overseas.
> I have so many good ideas I can hardly wait to implement them. :-)
> Our very own JL would come under particular scrutiny, as would Theo.

What makes you think I rort the tax system Gerry ?

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Boxer wrote:
> "G-S" <geoff(a)> wrote in message
> news:01463bc8$0$20648$c3e8da3(a)
>> Nev.. wrote:
>>> So your plan to save Australian jobs is to penalise the corporations who
>>> are growing cotton and employing Australians.
>> Personally I'd be tempted to offer them incentives to convert to crops
>> that don't use quite so much water :)
>> G-S
> And a hell of a lot of pesticide.
> "In fact, conventional and GM cotton accounts for 16 percent of global
> chemical pesticide use,

Indeed - seriously shite stuff cotton ban the stuff and allow them to
grow hemp

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Diogenes wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Dec 2008 20:51:59 -0800 (PST), JL <jlittler(a)>
> wrote:

>>> We get to support our own textile mills. (Australian jobs)
>>> We get to support our own clothing manufacturers. (Australian jobs)
>>> We get to keep these industries going instead of killing them by
>>> buying imports.
>> Why not let some other sucker grow the cotton and wreck their
>> backyard, turn it into cloth and pollute their backyard which we
>> import at a couple of bucks a roll, then turn it into highly priced
>> garments with huge profit margins that we export
>> Oh wait, we already do that.
> And that's ethical?
> When I become Dictator of Australia, you'll get a short stint as my
> economic adviser, and if you could convince me that cotton growing
> waas bad for the environment we'd be banning all cotton products.
> They tell me hemp is good though...

Points to Boxer's note. Not that there seems to be any possibility of
convincing you of anything.

Cotton's Bad M'kay. Hemp's good.