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> > "back to
> > > the street" project... Already considering buying gf's '01 CG125
> > > (,
> > > just exactly the same looks and just a little more than probably I'll
> > > be paying to fix mine...)
> > bought it and promptly rode almost 700 kilometers in one day! :)
> > my back hurts, my arm hurts, my neck hurts.
> > 9 and half hours to ride the last 600km.
> > -- T
> >  -> street bikes are kind of fun...
> Wow, drum front brake on a 2001 model?
> That would be my first modification.
> How much less expensive could drum brakes be to manufacture?
> I wonder...
> Otherwise, sweet.
> Be careful, please.

Actually, it's a 2002 :)
There was the disk model. And there was the version without electric
starter, kick only. My new bike is the intermediate, drum brakes with
electric starter. On the picture is the kick only version... The
graphics color are different, accordingly to the model (basic,
intermediate, deluxe).

It's not complicated and not too expensive to retrofit the front wheel
with the model that came from factory with disk. Maybe in the future
I'm doing that. Meanwhile, this drum brake really work nice, not very
progressive and smooth as disk, but does the job of stopping the bike
properly. Didn't test in the rain though...

-- T
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> > Remember 20 years ago when San Francisco got hit by the earthquake,
> > and all those people got squashed when the double-decker highway
> > collapsed?  I wonder how much money Haiti donated to the US back then..
> > JayC
> Both of their dollars?

I was thinking...
(^^^^^^^ there's a news flash!)

if we donate Made In USA goods, we get a double whammy; trickle-down
Reaganesque stimulus plus fuzzy feel-good humanitarian here we come to
save the world typical overextending our influence or responsibility
depending on how you want to look at the way we "solve" all the
world's problems kinda voodoo.

I should really stay on task.
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On Jan 26, 10:40 am, Dean H <dfhy...(a)> wrote:

> save the world

I'm not sure what your news are saying, but as far as I'm concerned,
it's U.S. who's running/coordinating the vital services, like the
airport and many hospitals/rescue teams.

Who is in charge of the military? UN? There are thousands of brazilian
troopers there...

-- T