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On Fri, 25 Jun 2010 09:29:55 GMT, Lars Chance
<lars.chance(a)> wrote:

>Mr Mufaro Chidaushe wrote:
>> Because I am moving from Brisbane, I have to sell my 1998 Kawasaki ZZR 250. It is registered until
>> October 2010.
>> The bike has a very strong and reliable 250cc engine with approximately 45,000km. My experiences with
>> the bike: the 18litre tank will cost you about $20 to fill, and will give you about 300km driving normally.
>> The bike has never leaked any fluids, never had any collisions, never had any mechanical failures, and it
>> starts on the first go each time; even in cold weather.
>> The bike does have cosmetic damage on the left fairing from the previous owner who's wife dropped it
>> while trying to move it. The fairing is just scratched, but is structurally VERY sound.
>> I am selling the bike for $3,200 but will include all my equipment; 2 helmets, large gloves, large RJays
>> jacket with windproof/waterproof inside layer and size 10 leather motorcycle boots. You also get a free
>> box of goodies including engine oil, chain lubricant, coolant, etc. for maintenance. Essentially everything
>> you need to start riding right away! This is a great learner bike for anyone that is interested in learning
>> how to ride a bike. It's quick enough to be enjoyable and VERY forgiving should you make a mistake!
>> I have added pictures online for anyone interested, just follow the link below:
>> If you are interested contact
>> me on 0405485292 or by email on mufaro.chidaushe(a)
>Sheesh; do 12yo 250s really fetch that kind of money? (and 300km from
>18 litres ain't real healthy for a 4-stroke 250 either!)

I was thinking that too and wondering whether it was a typo. My
Blackbird would achieve nearly that sort of fuel economy.

From: CrazyCam on
Nev.. wrote:
> On 25/06/2010 7:29 PM, Lars Chance wrote:
>> Sheesh; do 12yo 250s really fetch that kind of money? (and 300km from
>> 18 litres ain't real healthy for a 4-stroke 250 either!)
> It's been almost 20yrs since I sold my GPX250 but I'm pretty certain it
> got 300km till reserve from an 18 litre tank.

Ah, yes, Nev, but back in those days we got REAL petrol, not like the
rubbish we get nowadays. ;-)

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