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This might be a weird question but it may save your starting

A lot of ppl multi press the starter switch to start the
car/vehicle/scooter in a quick flicker of on/ get a better start
with less battery drain.

After looking at the starter clutch start systems, I think that's
not so good of an idea....maybe I'm missing something and the somewhat
almost redundant array of alternator/Starter gears/clutches and the
"floating" Idle gear.

Maybe a single press is better in the long run the way I used to do
it, before I got into the flicker button flicker press.


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On Fri, 9 Apr 2010 20:32:19 -0700 (PDT), Aham Brahmasmi
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|>The alternator rotor is bolted to the end of the crankcase in many
|>designs, In other designs it's attached to a separate jackshaft that
|>is chain or gear driven.
|>The ramp and roller type starter clutches were bolted to the back of
|>the rotor.

Ok, I see that now, the bolt heads are behind the
alternator....hhmmm just looking at some manuals.....

|>> if that clutch seizes, your 3 bolted rotor will be thrashed.....
|>I have always said that over-running starter clutches were designed by
|>Dr. Frankenstein.
|>I've had trouble with ramp and roller starter clutches on two
|>motorcycles. In one case, I was riding 70 mph on the freeway and the
|>starter clutch ..............
|>to excessively revving up the engine too many times with the clutch
|>pulled in. One of the broken bolts jammed up the idler gear and the
|>motorcycle skidded a bit in a slow first gear corner.

You sure had your share of Murphy's law and lot's bad trips, luckily
you must have a space and the savvy to repair it yourself...I live in the
city and park on a street parkade slot.

|>> � � � � So that said, by your estimation, did I do any manage to damage to
|>> my starter system's (over-running clutch's dis/engagement) by multi pressing
|>> the electric starter????
|>You would have to disassemble the starter and the starter clutch to
|>know for sure whether anything is damaged. I doubt if you want to do

Your sure right, I don't have the space to do things like that
anymore, and working off the streets with a bunch of expensive tools and
"skid-roe" vultures around them isn't fun....

|>But you probably won't have any problems.

Thanx, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and loose the
starter switch multi tap/press....