From: sean_q on
Riding along by the Fraser River... I see a large tug
pulling a log boom. So I wave... and the towboat honks
back. Two loud blasts that drew echoes. Totally
spontaneous exchange.

Then I get to the storage yard. It's run by a couple from
Croatia and they've both seen sidecar rigs like it back
there. In fact the wife's dad had one and used to give her
rides on it. So I said, "Let's go for a ride around
the yard." She was all smiles and laughing, wearing my
leather Harley hat (with the chromed steel chain) as we
buzzed around and rode up to her husband who was talking
to a trucker. Apparently she hadn't taken a ride in one
since childhood. Another totally spontaneous fun time.

ps. Now her husband wants to get one. Maybe I'll sell
him mine... but maybe not, it's too much fun.