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> I have the weekend set aside. I'm just waiting on "the word" from the
> man, saying he'll be there.

Based on a conversation on GOR, I'd say that date might be iffy....... for a
good reason.

> I guess that you realize that it was 1996 when I got the jetting on
> my DR350R sorted out.

Yep, but you've a mind like a steel trap

> Do you have any idea as to how many times that I've landed on my head
> since then? :)

OK....maybe an aluminum trap?

> (I've got odd numbers floating around in my head, but am afraid to
> say them out loud. 47.5? 143?)
> I really just don't remember, but I probably followed Thumper
> Racing's suggestions, and then fine tuned from there. They might
> still have some good information and jetting recommendations for your
> bike's carb.

Most things I've found point to the rec's by Jesse Keintz at
which is what I've done (140 main, stock 37.5 Pilot, Performance needle in
4th groove, Extended fuel screw and cut out a 3" X 4" hole in the top of the
airbox) Didn't have a chance to do anything today....but I'll change the air
filter and clean the carb tomorrow.

> I cut the top off the airbox and installed a pre-filter.
> I pulled out the anti-backfire screen in the airbox.
> I also cut/drilled several holes in the side of the airbox, and
> installed those small round filtered air vents.
> My DR350R was the off-road model ('94, that I bought new in '96).
> The airbox was a (memory don't fail me, please) BT33 Mikuni pumper.
> What carb does your bike have?

It has the CV carb - Mikuni TM33SS (Stock settings are a 132.5 Main and a
37.5 Pilot)

> I left the exhaust stock. It was truly quiet, and went pretty fast,
> if I didn't let off the gas.
> I put in the recommended pilot jet, and played with (and eventually
> set) the fuel screw and jet needle for smooth (no bog) throttle
> response.
> For the main, I would run it WFO down the road for testing.
> When I installed the main jet that wouldn't let the engine cut
> out/pop at WFO, I tried a size or two higher, until I got diminishing
> results, and then backed up to the jet that got the best top speed
> (with no cutting out).
> All this "in depth" fine tuning of the carb happened AFTER I spent
> the money to have Scotts Performance fix the suspension, to make the
> bike predictable when I pushed it hard. Before that, I just made it
> run smooth and did my best to get rid of the off-idle stutter. (and
> try survive while trying to race it.)
> It was a fine bike when I got it sorted out. I wish I had it back.
> I'm looking forward to riding with you and your boys again. I'll let
> you know "when" as soon as possible.

Same here!

> Good Carb Tuning to You!
> Jim
> Wudsracer/Jim Cook
> Smackover Racing
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