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George W Frost wrote:
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>> On Mon, 05 Apr 2010 14:57:06 GMT, Lars Chance
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>>> I heard that they made their crews wear eye-patches.
>>> That way they'd only lose the uncovered eye and still be able to see out
>>> of the other one.
>>> Now that I say that I'm pretty sure that'd be a myth.
>> Then perhaps you might like to check out these links:
>> "At DEFCON 2 or higher, the Looking Glass pilot and co-pilot were
>> both required to wear an eye patch, retrieved from their Emergency War
>> Order (EWO) kit. In the event of a surprise blinding flash from a
>> nuclear detonation, the eye patch would prevent blindness in the
>> covered eye, thus enabling them to see in at least one eye and
>> continue flying. Later in history, the eye patch was replaced by
>> goggles that would instantaneously turn opaque when exposed to a
>> nuclear flash, then rapidly clear for normal vision."
> I have a welding mask that does just that
>> Onya bike
>> Gerry
Might not have if it were not for military research.
From: Diogenes on
On Wed, 07 Apr 2010 17:13:56 +1000, "Nev.." <idiot(a)>

>> Retards at twenty paces anyone?

>Fixed that up for ya :)

Cute. :-)


Onya bike

From: Kevin Gleeson on
On Wed, 07 Apr 2010 08:07:20 GMT, Andrew
<amckNOSPAM3047(a)> wrote:

>On Tue, 06 Apr 2010 12:40:51 +0000, Kevin Gleeson wrote:
>> But that can't be the case! Why would you spend that amount of money to
>> come up with something that would save a lot of peoples' eyesight or
>> ummm, not, or something. I dunno, this research thing is really pie in
>> the sky innit?
>> Kev
>> BTW - can someone tell me (with a bit of research) why the hell the
>> latest version of Forte won't accept my Signature. When it is just "Kev"
>> and I have been using it for a decade or more now. I wonder if the LHC
>> might be able to answer that fundamental question of the universe.
>Forte Agent 6.0? When you say it won't accept your sig, do you mean
>you've set it in the correct Persona but it won't append it? Or that when
>you compose it in the Persona it refuses to save it?
>If you use the 'Insert Signature' button, what happens? Does your sig
>start with a pair of hyphens?

Nah, I'm still on 3.1. I have it licensed and it does what I want it
to so have never seen the need to upgrade. They still give me support,
I can read usenet, I just can't work out why my sig has disappeared. I
can't say I'm too upset about it. I can type "Kev" fairly quickly :-)
Just seems strange. Yes, sig is defined in options as I have done for
years and years. Oh well.

From: TimC on
On 2010-04-05, Kevin Gleeson (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
> And the LHC is not guesswork. It may not provide the answers we are
> looking for but if it doesn't, it tells us that the energy levels
> required are far beyond what we can achieve now and that will give
> theorists another benchmark to work from. Or at least another model.
> And if they do find the Higgs Boson, who knows? It might be free
> energy for all mankind? Or it might make better icecream. I'm all for
> having a crack at it.
> Kev
> (Vanilla please)

Please note that if pure scientific research wasn't funded for its own
sake, then no one would have ever discovered liquid nitrogen icecream
because the scientist wouldn't have been fooling around with bottles
of cream and LN2 in the deadtime between experiments.

> cat ~/.signature
Passing cosmic ray (core dumped)
From: Diogenes on
On Wed, 07 Apr 2010 22:51:07 GMT, "George W Frost"
<georgewfrost(a)> wrote:

>A million insane asylums would be more of an advantage to the community

Yes, but you keep escaping...


Onya bike

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