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In article <6711edb8-d0ba-40f6-a2e2-c1a7dd878083>, diariodastrilhas(a) says...
> It runs! 4 hours reassembling, went to bed over 1am... No weird noises
> so far!
> Friend bought loctite 601, said withstands 150C... Hope it holds up!
> -- T

Bless you Tiago, hope you finally get to do some "fun" riding!

Rowdy Mouse Racing, where the f*** are the bikes? I hate winter!
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babbaloo(a) says...

> And... while Arkansas, from LR north, is covered in ice and snow,
> it's good riding weather down here in LA (Lower Arkansas). Bring Jess
> and come down this way and ride with me. Mike Lambert's "Lost Creek
> MX Park" is open for riding, and he's doing schools. (and... it's
> halfway between where I'm working on the trail for the Bear Creek Hare
> Scramble and the TrainRobbers Trail.)
> Come on down. It's bright sunny and warm outside in LA.
> Jim
> Wudsracer/Jim Cook
> Smackover Racing
> '06 Gas Gas DE300
> '82 Husqvarna XC250

Oh man, that sounds so nice.. I wonder if any of our peers are down
there, they travel the south all winter riding different parks. I really
am not prepared for such a trip right now but I have started a "invite"
folder and saving these posts, you guys may just get me sometime next

Rowdy Mouse Racing, It's snowing again, ugh...
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