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>> Ahh a prime example right there, because GB introduced all this
>> Chewbacca gear to distract everyone else, and I never said lights don't
>> use energy. :) (Though some lights may be magic if they are fairies)
> Bollocks Nev. Utter bollocks. When I said "Look at the silly monkey"
> I meant "You've introduced meaningless and unrelated stuff into the
> argument".
> Blind Freddie could have worked that out.
I wish I had.
Now that I've been told what the Chewbacca/Monkey reference was about I
realise that it was the PERFECT simile to highlight what was happening in
the thread [doffs hat].
(Grumble grumble even better than "Hammoflage" mumble....)

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Yeebok wrote:

> Yes definitely - its feet make indentations in the 'surface' formed by
> surface tension. This goes back to the headlights and fuel question
> tho .. is it measurable or too small to worry about ?

It's not measurable with the instrumentation supplied on modern vehicles
(even if the dash indicates fuel consumption to 4 or 5 digits)
and too small to worry about. That does not mean it does not increase the
load on the engine and increase the fuel consumption.


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Knobdoodle wrote:
> "Iain Chalmers" <bigiain(a)> wrote:>

>> (and no, "current mood" is not an alternator efficiency joke ;-)

> Heh heh; so the alternator COULD run the headlights without dropping
> revs but it's just being intentionally difficult?

Depends on the time of the month and the phase of the moon.


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Moike wrote:

> I think I am beginning to
> realise why you are no longer involved in scientific research, (if
> that is what you did in the lab.)

Annoyed rats? Now you (and others).


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GB wrote:

> "The term Chewbacca defense is used to refer to any legal strategy
> or propaganda strategy that seeks to overwhelm its audience or
> jury with nonsensical arguments, as a way of confusing the
> audience and drowning out legitimate opposing arguments."[1]

I thought that was called Hammobfuscation.