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Aeek wrote:

> Water is compressible when frozen ????

You never heard of crushed ice?


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> >
> > big (are you gonna stalk me round every thread since I gave up
> > on you in the "magic headlights running on no energy" thread? ;-) )
> Actually I noticed you had no rebuttal on your calcs based in my back of
> envelope one. Why was that?

Because your side stepping of questions, introduction of irrelevant
details, and flat out refusal to admit to knowing things that anybody
claiming to have a chemistry degree would know, eventually bored me to
tears. So I stopped reading the thread.

If you've finally decided to stop bullshitting around the point, answer
me these questions (three):

How much power does a pair of 60 Watt headlight globes consume?

How much energy does an hour of that power consumption require?

How much petrol would a typical internal combustion engine and
alternator need to produce that much power in the form of electricity.

Feel free to estimate errors - I don't expect or need 3 significant
figures of accuracy, an answer to the nearest order of magnitude is fine.

Oh, and I suppose we'll also need from you the specifications of the
volume of a thimble.

One warning though, as soon as you start mentioning 4 pages of
calculations about combustion efficiency or the effect of RON ratings
I'll know you're just, what was that word someone coined? Hamsturbating


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all passionate authentic experiences will be appropriated, mishandled,
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> > Iain Chalmers wrote:
> >> Perhaps only blimps and air-ships actually "float" in Nev-land since they
> >> manage to keep 100% of their mass out of the water? :-)
> > As ships displace water, so airships displace air...
> Ships of the desert displace sand.
> --
> Clem
> (And the purty ones can even displace a woman in a man's heart!)

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> GB wrote:
>> "The term Chewbacca defense is used to refer to any legal strategy
>> or propaganda strategy that seeks to overwhelm its audience or
>> jury with nonsensical arguments, as a way of confusing the
>> audience and drowning out legitimate opposing arguments."[1]
> I thought that was called Hammobfuscation.

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"Theo Bekkers" <tbekkers(a)> wrote in message
> Aeek wrote:
>> Water is compressible when frozen ????
> You never heard of crushed ice?
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