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On Fri, 20 Jun 2008 16:36:21 -0500, "Moe Jones" <moejones(a)> wrote:

|>> Any advice ya'll can give would be appreciated.
|>> SpongeBob (Needing a Scooter in TEXAS)
|>I just bought a Kymco 250cc and I ride it around Pasadena, South Houston and
|>I first was looking to replace my old 150cc and was looking at a 200cc and
|>was informed that if I were to use the freeways that I could wear out the
|>150cc or 200cc before it's time.

There isn't much difference in the CC RATIO consideration if your
talking +/-100cc.....

CC RATIO consideration is more like 2X the CC capacity to be
considered a real difference in power......

Then there's weight, the heavier the motor, the heavier the scoot,
almost any 250cc scooter can beat my Majesty400cc off the
mark.......although after that, their history...
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On Fri, 20 Jun 2008 14:17:34 -0700 (PDT), "SpongeBob (The Texas Printer)"
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|>I'm new here, so be patient, I'm looking at buying a scooter to get to
|>and from my place of business. This $4.00 a gallon gas is killing me.
|>I live in a rural area about 25 miles from my shop. Most of that
|>distance is highway traffic at 60 to 70 mph speed limit.

A Yamaha Majesty 400cc is about the best gas Mileage you can get on
a's quite happy at 70-->100k it has a top of 100mph
but "who corners at that speed"

|>I don't want to get run over or off the road by the car/truck traffic,
|>but I'm unsure of what size scoot to get.

It's wide/big enough to be seen well....

|>I'm about 5'9" and 180 lbs (yeah...short, fat, and bald) and will be
|>riding alone on the scoot. I'm not worried about ever carrying a
|>passenger or anything. Anyway, I'm totally ignorant of engine size

Best height for a Yamaha Majesty 400cc....wide seat!

|>(cc's) and brand. I see a lot of "made in China" stuff advertised, but
|>am unsure of their quality. I'm familiar with Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki,
|>etc. as I rode motorcycles for years and I know that their quality is
|>always top line.

"made in China" is for experienced mechanics with tools, who can
jury rig/repair all sorts of scooter parts....

|>Any advice ya'll can give would be appreciated.
|>SpongeBob (Needing a Scooter in TEXAS)

Try your local Craiglist:

Yamaha Majesty:
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On Sat, 28 Jun 2008 23:26:42 GMT, paul c <toledobysea(a)ac.ooyah> wrote:

|>Denizen wrote:
|>> Scooters offer good weather protection though, even my 50cc Korean
|>> scooter. I think of the scooter as a 2-wheeled car more than a
|>> recreational motor vehicle.
|>The CVT transmissions make a big difference in the city even for
|>experienced riders. I'd say they are inherently safer because the
|>engine is nearly always revving within or close to its powerband. On
|>most 250 cc motorcycles it takes a fair amount of rider concentration to
|>stay in the right gears, which I think detracts from concentrating on
|>the careless and dangerous cagers around one in the city.

Scooters like rice rockets are easy to over control...they sit high,
the last time I tried to over power the road surface things got skidish.....

A scooter is a mid-engine so it looses some front stability unlike
the triple tree guys, a rice rocket can't drive too well on Gravel
roads......I tried it for 6 miles a few times, it takes a lot of
concentration even on a maxi scooter....always looking for a bald spot on
the road, which unfortunately is usually in the center on these old Gravel
Back roads.....

Don't even think of using even touching the rear brake on these
roads, you'll slide rear left pretty quick, like driving on deep silt....

Why do they put all those tons of rocks on 50 year mated off-roads,
they all end up in car tyres, then on the hi-way, and if your v-grooves
aren't working, don't lean too much....

I'd rather drive on black ice any day, and I do a lot, in the winter