From: WoodsChick on
On Mar 24, 5:17 am, Dean H <dfhy...(a)> wrote:
> > > > How about parts? I don't even know who handles Husky around here?
> > > > RMR
> > > One dealer in CT:
> > > Motofit Motorsports
> > > 10 Mill Plain Road Danbury, CT
> > > (nice shop - good people)
> > > Two in MA
> > > Wagner Motorsports
> > > 700 Plantation St Worcester, MA 01605
> > While those bikes sound like a deal and of course every kid my age knew
> > someone who had one when we were kids. I just don't know how I could run
> > a 20 event race season with even the most basic parts, more than an hour
> > and a half away.
> Ahem... OK I guess I had your aprox. location incorrect. It's only two
> hours between Danbury and Worcester. I thought you were right along
> that corridor there. I guess you're in one of those "can't get there
> from here" locations.
> Anyway, UPS is your friend when you ride an exotic. I would imagine,
> because Husqvarna has such a huge and established presence here with
> its power equipment, that parts availablity is better than one might
> expect. I wonder if power equipment dealers can order bike parts.- Hide quoted text -

My closest dealer is in SF, but they only like selling Ducati stuff
and so everything Husky has to be ordered.
My favorite dealer is MotoXotica in Vacaville...about an hour or so
away. I call or e-mail Dan on Tuesday morning and my stuff is on my
porch when I get home from work Wednesday afternoon...every time. I
don't know how he does it, but it's great.
I've never had to wait for any Husky part, although to be fair my WR
is brand new and my 610 has been very reliable. I did have WR parts
(FMF pipe, jets, seals, gaskets, etc.) ordered and they came in a very
timely manner. Dan is a joy to work with and he makes it easy to own a
Husky. Hall's is good, too. We've ordered GasGas stuff from them, too
and they've been great.

Eric and I bought our GasGases when our only dealer was in Arkansas.
As long as you have a good dealer you can trust, it doesn't matter
where he is <G>


> - Show quoted text -

From: JayC on
> Well,'s hard to do anything else when your piston is about
> the size of a shot glass...LOL!

That's what keeps me on a 125 (or 250 4-s). Those bigger bikes are
SCARY and are far too high in operational costs - and by operational
costs, I mean cost of operations...

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