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> In Krusty <dontwantany(a)nowhere.invalid> wrote:
>> I hit him square on, did a full somersault over his roof, & landed on
>> my feet. I was fine, the bike was fine (rode it home), his car was
>> nicely fucked.
> How'd your bike survive that then? Broadsiders are surely normally
> pretty
> terminal for bikes.

I've stuffed a CBR600 into the side of a Nissan 200SX in the past.

The bike had superficial panel damage.

The car: Bent track rod end / knackered steering rack and a nice dent in
the offside front wing.


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> Wotcha.
> The evening of Halloween - one car driver not looking before turning right -
> point of impact, my left knee. Nine hours of surgery - one rebuilt pelvis -
> one rather fetching skin graft, and 60 plus days lying on my back looking at
> the ceiling. I'm now back home, complete with Zimmer frames and crutches .
> . . . . . . and that, dear people, is why I ain't been posting on here for
> the last three months.

Just seen this. Eek. GWS, mate.

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