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>On Sat, 7 Nov 2009 22:04:49 +0000, totallydeadmailbox(a) (The
>Older Gentleman) wrote:
>>eBay item 180427003212

Nice. But why? I mean, I did this to mine back in 1980, but only
because the forks were bent beyond repair in a smash and I managed to
swap the nice alloy 21" front wheel for an entire Kwak front end for
no extra dosh (of which I had none). It was already a great bike on
the road, so I reckone the only advantage to this would be the wider
availability of tyres in the new size, as I don't suppose 21" road
tyres are that easy to come by.

>With my recent hard-won experience of ebay listings:
> "...The bike is valued at �10-12000..." - valued by whom? Or did he
>mean "�10 - �12000"?

Heh. But yes, one of those unreal "values".

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