From: scrape on
On Wed, 4 Nov 2009 07:01:47 -0500, "KW"
<keith_warrennospam(a)> wrote:

>>Seeing as how Scrape seems to enjoy baring all, he'll have to be in
>>attendance so I can practice my sharp shooting. It's the least he can
>>do, don'tchya think?
>scrape has already begun collecting excuses not to attend, please refrain
>from providing legitimate fodder for that list. <VBG>

I can come up with my own. Trust me, I apparently need no help in
this matter.
From: The Real Bev on
KW wrote:

> Not touching this one as I can truly and properly operate a sewing machine
> (do I get testosterone points back if 6 hours of said use on Dec 26, 2008
> was for the sole purpose of attaching 50 bajillion patches to 3 new Boy
> Scout uniforms?)

Only if you use a Husqvarna sewing machine like mine.

Cheers, Bev
Q. What's the difference between Batman and Bill Gates?
A. When Batman fought the Penguin, he won.
-- J. Levine
From: sturd on
SloCalSpode found:

> This past winter the state of Idaho enacted legislation that allows
> individuals to operate off-highway vehicles (OHV) on National Forest
> System roads, whether or not they have a driver's license.

Uh, oh. My little one started lobbying to go to
Idaho the instant I put it on the calendar. He's not
ready today but the rate of his improvement is awe

I'm not telling him.

>  This may help answer your dual-sport on forest roads question.
>  SloCalSpode

Yep, thanks.

Go fast. Take chances.
Mike S.
From: sturd on
IdaSpode notes and points to::

> Idaho has also initiated a "restricted plate" for OHVs. This plate
> allows properly registered and insured vehicles ridden by individuals
> with a MC endorsement on their DL to operate on all state and county
> *roads*, not to include state or federal *highways* or freeways.

Cool, that's exactly what I needed.

We're down to one spot in the truck for a bike.
Four of us fer sure.

Go fast. Take chances.
Mike S.
From: Wudscrasher on
On Nov 4, 10:54 am, Tim H <tntharr...(a)> wrote:

> Well, we'll do it properly, on the trail where it belongs. Be prepared
> for the wait until everybody finishes taking pictures before they'll
> help you out from under your bike should you tip over or some such.
> Though I must admit, when Wudscrasher (A.K.A. "Sandy") tipped over in
> a tiny little creeek, I helped him up before going for my camera. I
> have, of course, regretted this ever since.

You're Gall-darned right! I'm pissed you or Tami didn't get your
cameras out for that, and I regret that you didn't!!!

Sorry I'm late to the party, and sorry for not being around much.
That ADVrider is addictive, with all it's fancy pictures, video &
such. Going through this thread made me realize I haven't stopped in,
or e-mailed any of you in a long time. I thought it might have to do
with there being no SF's to plan/talk about, but by looks
like there's one, now! Looks like PrairieRider has introduced
herself, so I'm off the hook for being Jeff's girlfriend, and I don't
believe for a second Tami has slowed down :) The SV is riding nicely,
Tami, BTW (doesn't do so bad off-road, too!) I acquired an old XR400
as my DS bike, but still have the KDX, KW! (albeit a bent subframe, a-
la Donner Pass). Count me in for next year as well, and for longer
than when Jeff & I went in '06. I hope to have my own rig and explore
more than a few days, both trail & DS. Y'know, I still have dreams of
coming down that sidehill with the bombers flying overhead, and the
butterflys alighting from the rocks in front of my tire as I bounced
down the trail...simply beautiful...I wanna go back to Baum, and don't
care what dates you set, I'll take it off

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