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>> Yeah, but your's probably comes on again when you turn the key to on.
>> Theo
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> You have been looking in my shed again !!
>I can't even find things in my shed. I kow there's a 62 BSA A65 there

I *really* hate you mate :)

Johno <the jealous>

Coopers? <for the A65> ;)

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>> >>>Am I missing the joke or are you REALLY saying that a motorcycle's
>> >>>self-cancelling indicators work on handlebar movement?!!?
>> >> I was trying to remember. My RZ250 in the early 80s had
>> >> self-cancelling I think. I'm sure I've ridden something with them. And
>> >> my unreliable memory tells me that they were actually cancelled a
>> >> certain distance after a small handlebar movement. At low speed you
>> >> will do a small amount of direct steer. I'm happy to be proved wrong
>> >> and there was some other system doing it, but that long ago it had to
>> >> be mechanical. But it worked fine. That bit I DO remember.
>> >I reckon you're on the droogs Kev!
>> >Though you're not the first person who has assumed that
>> >motorcycle-indicators cancel the same as car ones I'd be very very surprised
>> >so find some that do and I'd be fookin' STUNNED if a Yamaha RZ250 ever did!
>> Fair enough, but there was some bike I rode with them and it was ages
>> ago. It wouldn't have been the XT250 or the VF750 or the VF1000R and
>> ceratinly no any after that. The RZ was the only one I could not write
>> off as having them. Maybe I was riding a mate's bike or something?- Hide quoted text -
>No no, I'm not saying it didn't have self-cancelling indicators Kev
>(in fact I'd pretty-much stake my leftie that it and every other
>descendent of the '70s RDs DID); I'm saying that it wasn't steering-

Ah OK. I gotcha now. From what I recall, it worked quite well though.
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i think this is a great idea (ingenious actually) and you should send this
email to the big bike manufacturers - they will assess its suitability

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> I'm riding a lot in the city with this new bike. Mostly turns off the
> blinkers by auto-pilot, but not always. And having them running is a
> nuisance to following traffic. So I thought of a simple solution. Trouble
> is, perhaps there's something I haven't thought of.
> The push-in blinker canceller is just another wire being connected in the
> switch block. So another wire in parallel will do the trick. But where to
> control this cancelling wire?
> My idea is to have a micro-switch operate on a gear up-shift. This will
> turn the blinkers off as I change up out of the corner, but will allow
> them to stay on as I change down approaching a corner.
> It sounds as simple as possible. Can anyone see any circumstance where
> this won't work that I might have missed?
> Thanks
> Kim

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>>(for my example I was using dry water)
> you get dry water up there? - lucky bastid!
Poo-water, salt-water, roof-water; we were after ANYTHING up until a week or
two ago!
Got plenty of the old wet-water since then.

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"Kevin Gleeson" <kevingleeson(a)> wrote:
> Ah well, there ya go. My memory isn't as bad as I thought.
Your memory is fine and George is still an idiot.
...and around it's axis the world rolls......