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Nev.. wrote:
> BT Humble wrote:
>> Zebee wrote:
>>> CrazyCam <Crazy...(a)> wrote:
>>>> On the Triumph, my most modern bike, and the only one with a single
>>>> turn
>>>> signal button thing which you push to cancel, it feels like it's
>>>> actually mechanically doing something.
>>> The one on the Guzzi is definitely mechanical, because you can cancel
>>> the blinkers with the ignition off.
>> Clem's old XJ900 had the equivalent of an extra speedo cable running
>> from the front wheel, which went through a little mechanical doovy and
>> cancelled the indicators after 100m or so. You could also manually
>> cancel them, of course.
> The FZR600 from the late 80s had a similar self cancelling mechanism
> which was distance activated. Might be possible to fit one of the
> switch blocks from one of these bikes and adapt it to work ?
> Nev..
> '07 XB12X

The Suzuki had a sensor in the speedo and as soon as you got to a
certain speed they cancelled, this coupled with a timer under the seat
for lane changes and stop signs etc.

However, I will check the Versys to see if it's mechanical or not.

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Jeff R. wrote:
> Doctor Shifty wrote:
>> It sounds as simple as possible. Can anyone see any circumstance where
>> this won't work that I might have missed?
> Changing lanes; constant speed.
> Corners that don't require a downshift (rare, sure, but)
> Maybe coupled with a timer?
> Good thinking, BTW.
> --
> Jeff R.

Thanks, didn't think of changing lanes. And since posting I've realised
that downshifting to 1st then lifting into neutral would cancel as well.

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G-S wrote:
> Diogenes wrote:
>> [1] Mount four 357 Magnum revolvers in such a way that one revolver
>> is pointing point-blank at each of the blinkers.
> It won't work long term you know...
> The customzing mob will come along and replace the full size .257
> blinkers with .22 compact semi-autos for that smaller blinker look.
> Then the safety crats will complain that the .22 doesn't have the
> hitting power when turning to take out the pedestrians in one blink/bang
> and hence the police should be enforcing the use of proper .357 blinkers
> *sigh*.
> G-S

That typo of course should have been .357...

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"jl" <not-here(a)> wrote:
> My 1984 Kwaka VN750 had self cancelling blinkers - they obviously weren't
> a selling point if your 2008 Kwaka doesn't have them...
> JL
> turned off when you turned the bars btw
Am I missing the joke or are you REALLY saying that a motorcycle's
self-cancelling indicators work on handlebar movement?!!?

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This one of the things that really annoy me! If you can remember to turn
them on, why can't you remember to turn them off!! FFS! or take them off and
use hand signals, they never fail to cancel!!

"Doctor Shifty" <dr.shifty(a)> wrote in message
> I'm riding a lot in the city with this new bike. Mostly turns off the
> blinkers by auto-pilot, but not always. And having them running is a
> nuisance to following traffic. So I thought of a simple solution. Trouble
> is, perhaps there's something I haven't thought of.
> The push-in blinker canceller is just another wire being connected in the
> switch block. So another wire in parallel will do the trick. But where to
> control this cancelling wire?
> My idea is to have a micro-switch operate on a gear up-shift. This will
> turn the blinkers off as I change up out of the corner, but will allow
> them to stay on as I change down approaching a corner.
> It sounds as simple as possible. Can anyone see any circumstance where
> this won't work that I might have missed?
> Thanks
> Kim