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Nev.. wrote:
> BT Humble wrote:
>> Zebee wrote:
>>> CrazyCam <Crazy...(a)> wrote:
>>>> On the Triumph, my most modern bike, and the only one with a single
>>>> turn
>>>> signal button thing which you push to cancel, it feels like it's
>>>> actually mechanically doing something.
>>> The one on the Guzzi is definitely mechanical, because you can cancel
>>> the blinkers with the ignition off.
>> Clem's old XJ900 had the equivalent of an extra speedo cable running
>> from the front wheel, which went through a little mechanical doovy and
>> cancelled the indicators after 100m or so. You could also manually
>> cancel them, of course.
> The FZR600 from the late 80s had a similar self cancelling mechanism
> which was distance activated. Might be possible to fit one of the
> switch blocks from one of these bikes and adapt it to work ?
> Nev..
> '07 XB12X

Surely it wouldn't be too hard to build a circuit using an accelerometer
that would do the trick? It would be as simple as setting it so that
when the accelerometer detects a return to a vertical position, and the
blinkers are active, the cancel signal is sent.
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"Peter" <someone(a)> wrote:
> "Andrew Price" <arathorn(a)> wrote:
>> You can ignore blinking lights, esp in bright sunshine but try ignoring
>> that
>> sob for any length of time...
> The Australia Post CT110 come with a beeper that sounds when the turn
> signal is on but I'm not sure if that is factory standard or if Australia
> Post add it.
> (probably the cause of "going postal")
Even bikes like Z900s and GS750s came with those beepers circa 1976.
They stayed working about as long as it took to find some wire-cutters!!

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How about employing a Mercury switch?
Blinkers would cancel out once the bike becomes upright.
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"The Happy Drunk" <Leon.PeacheyNOSPAM(a)> wrote:
> ...... Not sure about the
> K100RT .... I'm sure it has self cancelling indicators, but I'm having
> trouble with the speedo and this feature hasn't been working for that
> same amount of time
My '87 K75 had them but my '97 R1100GS didn't!
Dunno if they came back on that later BeeEms though.....

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> How about employing a Mercury switch?
> Blinkers would cancel out once the bike becomes upright.
'cept a bike leant over thinks it IS upright.
i.e. if you had a bowl of water on the tank while you were going at a
constant radius curve, leant right over, the water level would be flat.
It's like twirling a bucket around your head; the centrifical force cancels
out the gravity.
The microswitch would activate when you initiated the turn and the
straighten-up though (unless you did it very, very gradually).