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Lars Chance <lars.chance(a)> wrote:
> Zebee Johnstone wrote:
>> On the other hand... I've been refused service in a restaurant and 2
>> pubs for turning up in bike kit.
> The only biker discrimination that I've ever experienced (or ever
> picked-up-on) was at Parkes where the Motel receptionist looked at my
> soaked and bedraggled self and offered that I should go to the
> caravan-park instead as I would be more comfortable.
> I did (and I probably was!)

Probably you were, the people there are very nice indeed. That was my
regular stop on the Adelaide to Lismore run and they never failed to
be welcoming and helpful, especially when my sleeping bag had
lemminged some hours before and I hadn't noticed...

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bikerbetty wrote:
> "G-S" <geoff(a)> wrote in message
> news:4ba8991d$0$8837$c3e8da3(a)
>> bikerbetty wrote:
>>> As much as I loathe playing the gender card, I wonder whether a bloke in
>>> fairly tame looking bike boots (no toe-sliders, buckles or butch-looking
>>> hardware!) and protective pants, with a nicely ironed shirt, would have
>>> earned similar disapproval.
>> I experience similar issues often times when I turn up at an industry or
>> government meeting on the motorbike Betty.
>> Despite what some people believe there is still discrimination against
>> motorcyclists, it's just less overt and more of a glass ceiling type of
>> thing.
>> It's subtle but it's real as you've just seen :(
>> G-S
> Hmmm..... I think I can feel an article coming on.....can I call on you for
> anecdotes, G-S? What about the rest of you? Anybody else ever felt that
> being a biker has automatically put them in a bad place re jobs/credibility
> in industry/government fora?
> betty the writer

Some of the meetings I attend are subject to confidentiality agreements
and there are things I can't discuss (mainly because they tend to be
concerning tenders/contract negotiations).

Happy to talk to you where I can though :)

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In on Tue, 23 Mar 2010 18:46:56 GMT
Peter <someone(a)> wrote:
> My understanding is the most important part of the interview process is
> to be prepared.
> Sounds like you were prepared to ride, not teach or interview.

It is a problem.

I have been warned not to dress up for an interview by the bod who put
me up for the job, but again it's sysadminning, it's different.

One item of kit that might be useful is:

yeah, expensive, but very useful indeed. The full length zips mean
they are very easy to get on and off over fancy trousers, and they are
more protective than jeans so are the solution to needing to wear
shorts when you get off the bike. (Or even a skirt, wear them under

A pair of these over dress slacks, a change of shoes, done. Your good
gear is protected from wet and gunge and doesn't get mangled when the
overtrousers are removed.

Because of the loose fit I've found them surprisingly wearable in 30
deg+ heat over shorts, no worse than black jeans and sometimes better.

From: George W Frost on

"Peter" <someone(a)> wrote in message
>> ta marty - but when you say that I am what I am - I'm a bloody good
>> teacher, and it really really sucks that it can be overlooked just coz
>> I was wearing bloody bike pants & boots at the time.
>> As (pre-emptively)gutted as I feel right now, I will pick myself up,
>> whatever the final outcome, and make the most of whatever there is (as
>> soon as I get my head out of wrist-slashing mode, ha ha ha!)
>> Fingers crossed that there's no need for the wrist-slashing thing, eh?
>> betty
> My understanding is the most important part of the interview process is
> to be prepared.
> Sounds like you were prepared to ride, not teach or interview.
> Another important part of the interview is the follow up.
> Give them a call or burn past!
> Maybe you could you have arrived earlier and changed...
> Goodluck with it regardless!
> However.....
> You teached before. Maybe there was a reason you moved on as I am sure
> there are other areas you would be great in.
> :-P

She obviously didn't teach you with that pearler
" > You teached before"

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