From: Wudsracer on
It's 1948 miles from Baumgartner Campground to son Joshua's home
south of Little Rock, AR. Add another 110 miles to my house. 2058
miles total.
We left Baum at 9 pm Central time. Aside from stopping at the
SuperMoto/Cart track outside of Denver, we only stopped for eats,
restrooms, and fuel. We arrived at Josh's house around 8 am this
morning. After shifting loads to the respective vehicles, we were all
gone toward home by 9, and Deb and I made it home by 11 am.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great Spudfest, and
especially David Jones.



>On Sun, 8 Aug 2010 16:06:14 -0700 (PDT), SloCalSpode <jjwallace(a)> wrote:

>Daaaummmm. Thought I had it bad.
> Left camp @ 7AM Fri. Dropped trailer off @ D.Jones.
> Drove to Donnelly, picked up my Dad and back to
> D.J.'s. Left Boise around 6:00PM and drove to Winnemmucca
> by Midnight. Woke up 6:30 and arrived L.A. 7PM last night.
> 36 hours with 30 hours drive time. I am beat, but, happy.
> SPODEFEST2010 was a great success!
> WhooHoo.
> Jeff
> BTW, Nice meeting you Mike.
>On Aug 8, 2:41 pm, sturd <mikesturdevant...(a)> wrote:
>> WoodsChick asks:
>> > Hey, waitaminnit...aren't you supposed to be in Idaho right now??
>> Left Baumgartner camp Friday about 11:00 EDT, arrived Clevo Saturday
>> 21:00, 34 hours.
>> Go fast. Take chances.
>> Mike S.