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>On Tue, 6 Apr 2010 09:29:58 -0700 (PDT), Tiago <diariodastrilhas(a)> wrote:

>On Apr 6, 12:55�pm, Wudsracer <babba...(a)> wrote:
>> Congratulations Tiago! �
>> May you and your wife live long and prosper!
>Thank you!
>> We want pictures of the wedding, please.
>Of course! Wife is long time friend of a guy who is a professional
>photographer, as his gift, he gave us professional photos. One DVD
>worth of pictures. He promised to put it on the mail this week, as
>soon as I get it, I'm selecting the best and will make an of topic
>wedding report.
>-- T

Thanks Tiago!

Wudsracer/Jim Cook
Smackover Racing
'06 Gas Gas DE300
'82 Husqvarna XC250

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On Apr 6, 3:08 pm, Tim H <tntharr...(a)> wrote:
> On Apr 6, 9:23 am, Tiago <diariodastril...(a)> wrote:
> > On Apr 6, 11:57 am, Tim H <tntharr...(a)> wrote:
> > > > coming from wedding party :)
> > > What, it's already DONE?
> > yup!
> Well then, congratulations to you. I hope you have a long, happy life
> together.


> > Can't go on honeymoon right now, I'm alone @ work with
> > thousands of problems - they really should replace that lazy guy who
> > do nothing all day with someone that could actually help me.
> Isn't the workplace FUN?

Sure it is!

> > When I go
> > on vacations, I buy a prepaid cell phone and turn my phone off,
> > otherwise I'd have no rest.
> Sounds like you work for the same company as Baxter. They follow him
> everywhere.

Guess that's the problem when they trust you and know you're not

> I'm looking forward to the "teaching my wife to ride off road" thread
> when you get settled in better.

Me too :)

> > What's wrong going to the window?
> Large sheets of glass might not hold up to severe shaking as well as
> the main structure of the buildings. I'd be concerned about being
> sliced to ribbons by shattering windows.

Doesn't sound very nice, when put this way...

> > I pay much more on home maintenance by living in a house - one with no
> > upstairs floor - than if I was going to an apartment on a high
> > building. People here associate living in a 30+ stories building with
> > being wealthy, but IMO, it's just stupid living stacked with dozens of
> > other people.
> I tend to agree. That's no way to live. But then, I'm pretty biased
> towards country living. I'm very fortunate to have found a situation
> that allows me to live in the woods and still be close enough to my
> technology-based job to be at work in 20 minutes door to door. I just
> can't see ever living in a city, much less in a high rise apartment.
> <Shudder>

Apartments are insane. I have a small (3x1 meters) patch of corn. More
than I will be able to eat. I have a little chicken house with 3 dwarf
chinese chickens. I have two dogs. 2 coconut trees. 2 pau-brasil trees
that blossom with a smell so good it's amazing they didn't invent a
lotion with it. At least a dozen different species of bird feed on the
bees that come to those pau-brasil trees. I have a passion fruit
plant, a "jambo" plant (
jambo/imagens/jambo-5.jpg), a surinam cherry plant (http://, two mango
trees, one "graviola" tree (
imgsis/676.jpg). roses of every color and sizes. about a dozen
different flower plants. lots of big pots with chili of different
types. All of that on a area of just 25x30 meters, with the house in
the middle of it.


> > Forget this bike bringing thing. It's against the brazilian law the
> > import of any used motorized vehicles and they do not make exceptions
> > for off road only toys (*).
> How do all of those Adventure Rider types rise from the US to Tierra
> del Fuego? There must be some kind of paperwork that lets them
> temporarily bring in private vehicles that they will be taking with
> them when they leave. Maybe if I fly into Colombia and ride it over
> the border?

If you ride into, you're ok, sort of. They can deny you. Tierra Del
Fuego is on Argentina and you do not need to ride through Brasil to
get there from US, actually, if you do, you are taking the long way...
Of course there are ways of temporary entry (I attended a course on
international trading), but most are more trouble than an average
person would like to get into.

> > We can rent. There is a GasGas dealer that
> > I know the onwer and he rent Hondas. :) Mostly CRF230/250 and
> > XR200/250. There is a DRZ in his fleet too...
> If we must...

Easy and fast and you don't risk having your stuff confiscated.

> > You'd be welcome any day!
> I sincerely hope to be able to take you up on that some day, Tiago.


me too!

> > -- T
> > (*) There are a very few exceptions. Easiest is if you sign up for
> > Sertoes International Rally, race valid as a leg of the Enduro World
> > Championship.
> >
> > I get invited every year, that GG dealer owner races it every year but
> > this is simply way more expensive than a trip to Idaho with rental car
> > and bikes, lodging and food. Check above site for requirements and
> > costs
> Yikes! That sounds cool and all, but criminy that's expensive! At
> current rates, that's over $3500 US  for a bike to enter, then they
> tag you another $700 US for each pit crew member you have? Damn!
> Makes renting or buying look pretty attractive.

You didn't click on requirements, did you? The part where it says you
need medical insurance with airlift and satellite phone among other
expensive things?

With 3500 I can pay for round trip from here to Salt Lake City and
rent an economy car for a week, with spare to stop in any walmart
store in way to Idaho to buy camping gear, food and drink for an
entire week.

-- Tiago

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On Tue, 06 Apr 2010 11:59:31 -0500, Wudsracer <babbaloo(a)>

The best of everything to both of you!
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