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sturd wrote:

> put the bicycle away for the winter.

We don't actually have winter here, but sometimes I wear tights over my bike
shorts. I see other people wearing tights UNDER their shorts, and I wonder
what they do when the tights get too warm.

> Last Friday I was coming home from the local 'berg where
> I do my banking/post office stuff. Went the long way home
> as it was pretty nice. On a long downhill where I suppose
> I'm going 25mph or so, a chick in a minivan slowly pulled
> up next to me, looked at me through the passenger window,
> and turned right into a driveway.
> By some miracle of old reflexes and front disc brake (I put
> on a couple years ago as the rim brakes don't work
> at all when they ice up), I managed a stoppey and just
> bumped her right rear fender. I then punched the back
> window and she stopped to yell at me. I punched
> her driver side sliding door hard, gave her the finger,
> and left. Last I saw her she was still yelling.

BTDT. The stupid cow was absolutely clueless about what she'd just done. "But
I didn't see you." She was dropping off her kid at the church nursery school.
I wonder which part offended her more, "stupid" or "cow".

Cheers, Bev
"It is a matter of regret that many low, mean suspicions
turn out to be well-founded." -- Edgar Watson Howe
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