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A paradoxical thought experiment
Imagine an extremely lightweight (but very strong) sidecar mounted on the right-hand side of the bike (meaning no offence to Brits, Kiwis, Ozzies, Sri Lankans and others). Make a hard left turn; the chair lifts because it lacks enough weight to keep the bike from leaning into the turn. Then make a sharp right ... 13 Jul 2010 17:35
Red light sensors?
I go to work pretty early, so I am stuck at an intersection, waiting, waiting, waiting. So I make a right on red, uturn and another right on red. Is that beating the system? I guess I could have just run the red light. Damn sensors not "seeing" motorcycles. No wonder cages hit us. Buses are your friend, they c... 9 Jul 2010 16:09
Definitely Demolition - 9/11 was an inside job.
On Mon, 05 Jul 2010 23:14:24 -0700, john <vegan16(a)> wrote: Americans wear Canadian flags on their backpacks when hiking through Europe. That's not a lie. And through Latin America too. You know why? john -- Regards, Curly ------------------------------------------... 19 Jul 2010 23:30
Just wondered about this, last week when the K's oil light started flickering at tickover as I was stuck in traffic on a hot day and the temp needle edged towards the red, and the fan cut in. I've known loads of BMWs, air- or water-cooled, do the same, and it's a tad disconcerting. Had it happen on a couple of... 7 Jul 2010 03:40
BMW 3 wheel roadster This is the vehicle I asked about several weeks ago. Saw it in a parking lot, got name plates. Fine construction with some potent engine options. ... 6 Jul 2010 14:32
Krusty Depends
Any suggestions on what a middle aged biker should or shouldn't take to keep his body(bones) strong in case of an accident? I take acid blockers as a treatment for Acid Reflux Disease. Now I find that the wonder drugs actually inhibit calcium and other important nutrients from going into my system. I am afraid t... 8 Jul 2010 11:27
The Dealership Does it Again
Today when I was doing other maintenance, I had the tank and the seat off. I discovered that part of my air cleaner assembly had had a caulk-like sealer applied at the boundary of the air cleaner assembly and a rubber duct that goes to the air box. Fortunately (because I'm a parts hoarder), I had a spare duct... 9 Jul 2010 12:50
Dog on roof
Dawson City, Yukon: From blog at: SQ ... 3 Jul 2010 14:39
Gather your armies (1.03 minute video) Time to roll!! ... 3 Jul 2010 15:45
Going Down
Can anyone here go down without making slurping noises and drooling down the drive shaft? Thumper ... 2 Jul 2010 19:07
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