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"Iarnrod" <iarnrod(a)> wrote in message news:759a30c6-644c-4ac0-94a1-fcb21d9c83e8(a) On Jul 22, 6:29 am, * Hates US * flailed in impotent kooker rage: <same ol' lies> Hey kook, how come you never let the fact that you've been proven wrong stop you from posting... 25 Jul 2010 15:10
Victims of illegal alien crimes.
On Sun, 25 Jul 2010 06:27:08 -0400, tripletask(a) wrote: How long with America tolerate the intolerable? Keep your powder dry. ... 25 Jul 2010 07:38
Motorcycle Parking Etiquette II
New development ... Was out at the mall today again. Discovered two sportbikes that were parked in a space nose to tail to the left side of the space. Their intent was CLEARLY to allow room for another motorcycle or two. So, I parked my croozer to the right side and forward so that even a fourth motorcycl... 28 Jul 2010 09:43
You looking at me?
brad herschel wrote Oh my goodness, the teachers, media hacks, clergy, et al, ad nauseum, say we are the same. Tell that to dog breeders! Are you saying that you can breed dogs into something other than dogs? ... 24 Jul 2010 18:52
Friggin Motorcycles
I left this morning to do a little shopping and by noon I found myself 40 miles from home, sitting on a bench in front of an old fashioned ice cream shop, enjoying a double scoop of Tiger, in a waffle cone. Friggin motorcycles. :-) ... 25 Jul 2010 21:41
(Was: The best ever 4-stroke vertical twin?) Now: Worldwide MSRP disparities
tomorrow(a) <tomorrowaterolsdotcom(a)> wrote: I still haven't figured out what the major reasons are that Japanese, European, and American-made motorcycles all cost more in Japan and Europe than they do in the U.S. "Because they're willing to pay more" I used to think it was simply th... 24 Jul 2010 15:39
(Was: The best ever 4-stroke vertical twin?) Now: Worldwide MSRP disparities
On Jul 24, 12:41 pm, totallydeadmail...(a) (The Older Gentleman) wrote: tomor...(a) <tomorrowaterolsdot...(a)> wrote: On Jul 24, 10:38 am, totallydeadmail...(a) (The Older Gentleman) wrote: OTOH, I gather BMW bikes cost a lot more in the US than they do here, ... 24 Jul 2010 14:32
Hello, I'm a Racist, Pleased to Meet You
On Sat, 24 Jul 2010 08:05:30 -0400, tripletask(a) wrote: On Fri, 23 Jul 2010 07:20:41 -0400, tripletask(a) wrote: On Fri, 23 Jul 2010 07:16:56 -0400, tripletask(a) wrote: On Thu, 22 Jul 2010 15:08:00 -0700 (PDT), "f. barnes" <fredlb(a)> wrote: http://w... 26 Jul 2010 08:23
Parking (was Motorcycle Parking Etiquette?)
Thumper wrote: And what about metered parking? Even though I have had cagers scream at me. I always take a full space. Even in pubic parking, I pay highway tax and registration fees. I have as much right to take a full space as a cage. Different story. I left room for a cage once. Guess who got ... 24 Jul 2010 08:03
Well that was interesting
Today was a state holiday (Pioneer Day is the 24th), so I took advantage and rode to Wyoming. Between Park City and Evanston WY there are is section of curves on I 80 that are marked 40 or 50mph. Most cars can easily negotiate them at about 70mph, the signs are for the semi-trucks. Anyway I was following an SU... 25 Jul 2010 18:25
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