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Labor costs killing HOG
Talked to a friend living near Milwaukee and the Harley situation came up. He stated that in the 1990's the entry wage at Harley, even floor sweeper-types, was $22.50 an hour. HOG must move or go under. ... 13 Aug 2010 20:12
Vancouver's biggest bike show Sunday
Calgary (don) wrote: Have they kept it up or has the neighbourhood been turned back over to the junkies? I would say Yes to both questions. However -- come back and see for yourself. I'm good for the 1st round. (After that I wanna collect on that 1500 mile Free Lunch). SQ ... 13 Aug 2010 12:32
Reeky's, time to lay low
http://www.kirotv.com/news/24588059/detail.html?cxntlid=cmg_cntnt_rss ... 13 Aug 2010 10:21
What Hath God Wrought?
http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=535004&GT1=28103 ... 11 Aug 2010 17:00
What is this company up to?
http://us.exc-shop.com/productinfo.asp?id=5201 ... 10 Aug 2010 16:58
Harley-Davidson mulls closing Milwaukee plant
interesting ... http://www.fox43.com/news/wpmt-harley-davidson-milwaukee,0,6114722.story ... 10 Aug 2010 20:18
320 miles and one drug bust later...
Interesting ride today. Went south 120 miles on the I-15 to Sandy Eggo and then turned left into the hills and did another 50 to the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum along some *great* twisties right next to the Mexican border. The locals know about those twisties, too, as I passed circa 50 sportbikes going the o... 10 Aug 2010 14:46
Random Thoughts on the Zumo 660
I have been riding with a GPS ever since I bought the Venture six plus years ago. My first was a Streetpilot III. It was ok for its day. The processor was slow and the screen hard to read in the bright sun. It ran the Mapsource software though and was fully functional for routing and finding places. I upgraded ... 7 Aug 2010 15:53
Helmet Color and Apparent Size?
Has anyone done a study on the affect the color of a helmet has on appearance? For example, do white helmets appear smaller than black? I'm asking because a lot of helmets on me appear to be bulbous, and I want to get a helmet that seems as streamlined as possible. I'm looking at open -faced or 3/4 helmets. ... 9 Aug 2010 13:31
Another Harley Hop-Up Ho-Hum
This evening I'll be taking my buddy Tom out to Winchester H-D to pick up hs newly modified 2008 Electra/Street Glide[1]. It has new pistons, heads, cams, and exhaust. It'll be interesting to compare his new-wave 103 against my old-school version. Looking forward to the back-to-back test ride. [1] Electra G... 7 Aug 2010 21:18
Fun with the Dnepr
Riding along by the Fraser River... I see a large tug pulling a log boom. So I wave... and the towboat honks back. Two loud blasts that drew echoes. Totally spontaneous exchange. Then I get to the storage yard. It's run by a couple from Croatia and they've both seen sidecar rigs like it back there. In fact the ... 7 Aug 2010 01:53
On the road again
Just accepted a new position after 7 months being unemployed. Job starts the 16th, so I'm taking a vacation, heading in the general direction of Sturgis, SD in the AM, and back on the 15th. -- Odinn RCOS #7 SENS BS #154 2003 GeezerGlide w/130,000+ miles Nothing but net to reply ... 4 Aug 2010 11:27
High-Visibility Vest for Motorcycling?
I was over at the Harley dealership the other day, and there was an OK leather vest. The look I am going for is the "I am on parole and I will kill you" look, and that vest was OK for that. But on the other hand when I'm riding around I want to be visible. I've thought about wearing one of those yellow refle... 11 Aug 2010 11:30
Reports Death Toll Rises to 8 in Conn. Workplace Shooting
On Aug 3, 12:29 pm, "Beav" <beavis.origi...(a)ntlwoxorld.com> wrote: Treat someone like a subhuman and you're surprised when they behave like one? No, you've got it backwards. The "race card" is too easily and too often played by Negros (and Mexicans, too). We treat Negros (and Mexicans) just as if they we... 5 Aug 2010 12:30
gps ?
On Tue, 3 Aug 2010 07:46:14 -0700 (PDT), Rob Kleinschmidt <Rkleinsch1216128(a)aol.com> wrote: Anybody got any favorites ? I had an Etrex. I gave it away on the condition that the new owner was not allowed to give it back. It sucked that much. Reception under, around, anywhere near, in sight of, trees was non... 4 Aug 2010 19:08
Warning! Motorcycle Content Enclosed!
On Aug 3, 12:24 am, Polarhound <polarho...(a)comcast.net> wrote: http://www.bikeexif.com/art-deco-custom-motorcycle "The machine is apparently based on a 1930 Henderson—presumably the 100 mph (160 km/h) Streamline model—and was built in 1936 by a gent called O. Ray Courtney. Today the bike is owned by Fran... 3 Aug 2010 15:54
I am not a biker (real or actual)
I haven't ridden for over a week in the middle of summer, I will regret it once the snow starts. It has been damn hot, plus we have a new dress code and I don't to get my new pants and shirt dirty. I guess I could cruise over to the liquor store on my sportbike with saddlebags and call it a tour. Or I could tr... 5 Aug 2010 01:39
9-11 Truth makes HUGE showing at Los Angeles Peace March as bushkultie Iarndud Crackwhore Kook for War screeches in helpless rage
Even the most desperate neocon pawn can't dispute peer review. Three words that mean nothing to the bushkultie, but plenty to those still free to think clearly: "full peer review" http://www.journalof911studies.com/ ... 3 Aug 2010 11:29
Means, Motives, and Opportunities
"For many Americans, of course even considering the possibility that their own government might have had motives for facilitating such attacks would not be pleasant. But an account, if it is to be the fullest possible account, cannot decide in advance to restrict itself to the ideas that are pleasant." http://www... 3 Aug 2010 11:30
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