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The protest rally against the CTP costs will be held at 12 noon
Tuesday 31st August 2010, Parliament House, Macquarie St Sydney.
Put out the word. Let's show them how angry we are.

Invited speakers are:
* The Premier of NSW Kristina Keneally (No response yet)
* The Minister for the MAA Eric Roozendaal (NRY)
* The Minister for Transport John Robertson (NRY)
* The Minister for Roads David Borger (Unsure)
....* The Leader of the Opposition Barry O'Farrell (Accepted)
* The Shadow Minister for Roads, Andrew Stoner (Accepted)
* The Shadow Minister for Transport (Declined)
* The Member for Sydney and Lord Mayor of Sydney (Possible)

Important Notes: Because of police regulations the suggestions and
guidelines listed here are voiced by the RAB and are a part of an
agreed plan that was constructed outside of the MCC's jurisdiction,
in order to avoid legal action being taken against Rob Colligan as
the Chairman of the MCC and sole organiser of the rally.

Andrew Stoner and Barry O'Farrell have confirmed their attendance
in order to speak to us and have their own say. Also remember the
letter writing campaign must NOT stop just because we are having
this rally. It is extremely important to realise the MCC has NOT
given any instructions as to where and how we may ride or park. We
do it all out of our own volition.

Guidelines for the Day

1. Approximately 50 riders are required to attend the area of
Parliament House and Hospital Rd behind Parliament at approximately
3 - 4 am in order to start securing the parking spaces. Note: At
this stage only 1 bike per space is allowed to park - If more than
one bike is in any one space all the bikes parked will be issued
with a fine. Negotiations are proceeding to have that rule suspended
for the duration of the protest.

2. Because of the volume of bikes we expect to be in attendance
around Parliament, the plan is in conjuction with people on foot
to have a constant cavalcade riding around the block of Macquarie
St and Hospital Rd "looking for parking" that will slow traffic.

3. At 6am there will be a van located on Hospital Rd that will be
distributing hand held placards and other materials for the protest.
This is a Black and Green Ford Transit van.

4. Mashals will be positioned around Parliament and surrounding
streets guiding bike traffic, please be respectful and listen to
their directions. Note: The Dykes on Bikes at this stage are being
suggested as the marshals and will be wearing high visibility white
shirts with reflective strips.

5. All members walking to the rally are asked to carry their helmets
as a distinguishing feature and insignia of being a motorcyclist
and particupant in the protest.

6. The official protest is allocated to run between 12pm - 1pm,
however the "go slow" because of the volume of bikes will start
early in the morning. Note: If you cannot attend in the morning,
please arrive outside Parliament House by 11:50am and join the
motorcade around Parliament House.

will not be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Anyone committing
an offence should expect no leniency from the police and no support
from the RAB.

8. If approached by the media and asked why you are protesting you
are to direct ALL questions to Rob Colligan who will be on the
staging area with the microphone. This will avoid people making
silly comments which will be used as stock footage and harm the
goal of the rally.

Note: if you MUST make a comment, it must relate to the CTP issue.

9. In order to cover costs imposed by Sydney City Council, The
Police and The Royal Botanical Gardens Trust, a hat will be passed
around asking for at least a gold coin donation.

Note: Please remember the MCC no official funding from the Government
and all costs are being worn from their own (under funded) treasury.

10. If the number of bikes is as large as we hope, we will just
cram all the parking and footpath space, within reason.

Note: Any footpath parking may attract a fine of around $85, so
park at your own risk.

Note: If you do receive a parking ticket leave it on your bike so
you don't receive another one.

11. If riding into the city in a large group RAB suggests riding
in a 'go slow' fashion. Make it a slow race not a fast race, you
will have more effect. All groups riding to Parliament are responsible
for their own actions and will receive no support in antisocial
behaviour from the RAB or the MCC in any way, shape or form. Use
your head, don't do anything stupid!

12. This, we hope, will be one of the largest motorcycle rallies
in NSW history. Lets make it count and not further negative stereotypes
that have lead to our being discriminated against in the first
place. You know the time, you know the place, you know the reason.
We NEED you there and anyone else you can bring. Lets make this THE
protest that tells the Government enough is enough. Hope to see you
there! Kindest Wishes, Stay and Ride Safe.

From the Riders Against Bureaucracy Team

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