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Nigel Allen wrote:


> Geez - I thought I was the only one going back that far :)
> I've suffered the same thing in the UK in the 70's - it wasn't unusual
> for pubs out in the countryside to have two signs outside of "No
> Coaches" and "No Motorbikes".

Late '70s, here in Oz, a few times in the seriously backblocks, I wasn't
allowed into the front (white) bar, but I could get a drink in the back
(abo) bar.

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diogenes wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:44:09 +1100, Damien <al.qaeda(a)>
> wrote:
>> But what safeguards are in place to ensure that innocent law-abiding
>> riders are mistakenly lumped in with them?
> Easy. If you don't wear 1%er colours, you won't have a problem. If
> you DO wear 1%er colours, stop bitchin about people wanting you off
> their premises. Simple.

So I ride to the local pub with Ulysses (or HOG)... ride up on HDs in
Brando jackets with Harley logos and FTW logos and/or a Ulysses/HOG
patches on their gear and tattoos showing but *not* wearing 1%er
colours and I'm not doing anything wrong but the pub calls the cops
because we look like 1%ers to some bouncer with an IQ of 80 with a 1%er?

You're can't seriously be relying on bouncers to make this sort of

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G-S wrote:
> corks wrote:

>> no you are right, i dont , so get out your conceited little
>> soapbox....... to me the benefits outweigh the negatives, dont like it ,
>> too bad ,
>> its called an opinion......and not necessarily an unformed one either

> Oh it's not an 'unformed' opinion alright... trouble is it's
> uninformed :)

A uniformed opinion? I wonder if the local pubs can make a rule banning
members of the Blue gang wearing their regalia on the premises?


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Simone wrote:
> As for banning "certain colours" if it looks like a duck & quacks like a
> duck...then expect to get shot at!
> Sim.
That's the justification used for discrimination against minorities down
through the ages... are you sure you want to go down that path?

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diogenes wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:39:36 +1100, Damien <al.qaeda(a)>
> wrote:
>>> they deserve all they get .....
>> Who deserves it? The completely innocent law-abiding motorcycle rider
>> who gets mistaken for a member of a patch club?
> And how would one get "mistaken" for a member of a patch club, Damien?

By looking like a *bikie* and riding a Harley Davidson...

And a brain dead bouncer to go *duh... that's a bikie gang... I'm called
the cops*.

Off course all the BMW gear wearing BMW riding 'nice' motorcyclists
won't be effected. [1]


[1] Anybody else noticing how this world is slipping from offence
committed and action is taken to 'oh we don't have proof, but lets take
action anyway'.