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G-S wrote:
> diogenes wrote:
>> On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:44:09 +1100, Damien <al.qaeda(a)>
>> wrote:
>>> But what safeguards are in place to ensure that innocent law-abiding
>>> riders are mistakenly lumped in with them?
>> Easy. If you don't wear 1%er colours, you won't have a problem. If
>> you DO wear 1%er colours, stop bitchin about people wanting you off
>> their premises. Simple.
> So I ride to the local pub with Ulysses (or HOG)... ride up on HDs in
> Brando jackets with Harley logos and FTW logos and/or a Ulysses/HOG
> patches on their gear and tattoos showing but *not* wearing 1%er
> colours and I'm not doing anything wrong but the pub calls the cops
> because we look like 1%ers to some bouncer with an IQ of 80 with a 1%er?
> You're can't seriously be relying on bouncers to make this sort of
> distinction...

So, if I ride up on the Z50, wearing my all white outfit, do you think
they'll let me in, even though I have been known to have a beer with
some of the Gladiators?

Anyway, I never even see bouncers when I go for breakfast.....

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Nigel Allen wrote:
> Geez - I thought I was the only one going back that far :)

Nope... it was the norm before Moto GP extended motorbike riding into
the corporate area and general public awareness.

But the under current of discrimination against bikers has always been

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Damien wrote:
> corks wrote:

>> now back to beating your drum

> While you go back to beating up suspects? Sure, why not. :-)

With the WA Gov't this week paying out $1.5M to a pair of suspects that were
beaten up till they confessed, and then spent some years in gaol, there will
be a two week moratorium on beating up suspects in WA.

To keep on track, it was the 1%'s who had subsequent problems with the
retired copper in charge of that fiasco (after he shot and killed one of
them for giving his daughter some lip in his pub), and removed him from the
scene with some explosives in his car.


From: Damien on
Theo Bekkers wrote:

> A uniformed opinion? I wonder if the local pubs can make a rule banning
> members of the Blue gang wearing their regalia on the premises?


The blue gang aren't exactly renowned for getting it right. How many
times have people been hounded mercilessly by them (and the legal system
that follows on their heels), only to later find "oops, we might have
got the wrong guy". The Mickelberg case is a good current example - $1
million compo each because the cops fucked up and hammered a couple of
innocent people. And these guys are the ones who (in theory) get
extensive in-depth training in how to spot the bad guys in the first place.

And corks, in all his wisdom, is expecting us to believe that a $2
bouncer (with an IQ to match in many cases) is going to be able to do
better than the people he'll be calling on for backup? ha! I bet corks
reckons politicians are honest as well.

From: Theo Bekkers on
G-S wrote:

> some bouncer with an IQ of 80

Ooeeer, one of the smarter ones.