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On Jan 18, 10:36 am, Zebee Johnstone <zeb...(a)> wrote:

> YOu and I can tell the difference between a 1%er and one of the Kings
> Cross Bikers club, bet you few of the non-riding community can.

Hang on. According to the facts available we have an explicit list of
18 banned clubs. So the Hells Accountant in his HOG jacket turns up
and the bouncer says no "Hells Angels" and he turns around and says
"is my logo on that list" ? And if the bouncer still refuses him
admission on the basis of being a banned OMCG club member he can lodge
a complaint with fair trading which will cost him $35 and cause enough
inconvenience to the publican to ensure his door apes attempt to read
the logo or at least go find someone literate who can read it.

It's just as plausible a scenario as the Damien "the world is caving
in every biker will be banned from every pub in Australia" version.

I don't know which will happen, but I'm betting on the latter.

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Damien wrote:

> Some people will only ever see what they choose to see, and will
> steadfastly ignore anything that may challenge their incorrect
> assumptions and distorted worldview.

Now there is a quotable quote...pity it's too long for a T-shirt.

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"CrazyCam" <crazycam(a)> wrote in message
> Hi corks.
> I know this may sound like a daft question, but, if all the 1%ers are such
> evil nasty law breaking people why aren't they in jail?
> Like, "everybody" knows that they do illegal babies, double
> park, have noisy exhausts on their bikes, and probably enjoy themselves
> (Obviously a major crime in NSW) so why is it that there is such a big
> deal about trying to stop them going into pubs?
> I mean it's a pretty pathetic and niggly "punishment".
> regards,
> CrazyCam

welll, for starters alot have done time

alot get charged but then witnesses have amnesia or suddenly cant be found

good lawyers :-)

stopping them ewearing their into public places is about breaking their
aura/legacy of intimidation

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"Theo Bekkers" <tbekkers(a)> wrote in message
> Damien wrote:
>> corks wrote:
>>> now back to beating your drum
>> While you go back to beating up suspects? Sure, why not. :-)
> With the WA Gov't this week paying out $1.5M to a pair of suspects that
> were beaten up till they confessed, and then spent some years in gaol,
> there will be a two week moratorium on beating up suspects in WA.
> To keep on track, it was the 1%'s who had subsequent problems with the
> retired copper in charge of that fiasco (after he shot and killed one of
> them for giving his daughter some lip in his pub), and removed him from
> the scene with some explosives in his car.
> Theo
>to still keep it on track , no one ever went to court over the bikie
>shooting as a suspect died before he got to court

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On Jan 17, 5:59 pm, G-S <ge...(a)> wrote:
> Zebee Johnstone wrote:

> You and I would realise that there are no rockers, but would the average
> publican?
> I suspect not...
> Also what about prospects?  They don't have the logo so they'd be let in
> by the same uninformed publican...

I think you'll find many/most of the clubs use a small logo on the
front panel of the vest to identify the club as well the large logo on
the back, Noms get that small logo to identify what club they are
nominated for before they get their colours.