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In on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 12:16:50 +1100
Nev.. <idiot(a)> wrote:
> doing the scrutinizing, it's whoever is controlling entry to the
> premises in question... and if they can't identify who is and who is not
> a patch wearing club member in question, how do you explain the fact
> that they've already identified 15 specific patch wearing clubs to
> single out?

It isn't just patches. It is, as far as can be determined, any
"regalia" associated with the club.

Such as someone with a Big Red Machine t-shirt.

Whether someone wearing such a shirt is a club member, or liable to
fight another punter is not guaranteed.

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"Damien" <al.qaeda(a)> wrote in message

> So? The fact that there may exist certain avenues to pursue claims over
> unjust calls does nothing in this case, under the rules as presently
> understood, to prevent such injustices from occurring in the first place.
> It's one thing to target a group that deserves it, but it's another thing
> to knowingly also target innocents in the process, as this rule has
> considerable potential to do. The problem is not the intent of the ban,
> but the manner of its application and enforcement, although you seem to
> have considerable difficulty grasping this difference.

Dunno why anyone should get their nickers in a knot over how an innocent
motorcyclist could be mistaken for a gang member.
A simple check of the carpark would determine their credentials...are they
riding a motorcycle or a HD?

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Theo Bekkers wrote:
> G-S wrote:
>> some bouncer with an IQ of 80
> Ooeeer, one of the smarter ones.
> Theo
I was referring to the 'supervising bouncer'
*kick im in da nads pauly... it 'urts more!*

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JL wrote:
> On Jan 17, 5:59 pm, G-S <ge...(a)> wrote:
>> Zebee Johnstone wrote:
>> You and I would realise that there are no rockers, but would the average
>> publican?
>> I suspect not...
>> Also what about prospects? They don't have the logo so they'd be let in
>> by the same uninformed publican...
> I think you'll find many/most of the clubs use a small logo on the
> front panel of the vest to identify the club as well the large logo on
> the back, Noms get that small logo to identify what club they are
> nominated for before they get their colours.
> JL

Oh they often do...

but those small logos are not 'colours', and they are banning 'colours'
aren't they? [1]


[1] My point was that in addition to effecting people not involved with
the patch clubs it will also not effect some people involved with them.

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corks wrote:
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>> corks <trigarti67(a)> wrote:
>>> ummm can you name or tell me of a patch club that hasnt lived up to their
>>> ''colours''
>> Vietnam Veterans?
>> Zebee
> hmmmm, they dont actually claim to be 1%�rs tho, tho over here they do hang
> out a bit with them

Where would you place 'God Squad' who also wear colours?