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Zebee Johnstone wrote:

> YOu and I can tell the difference between a 1%er and one of the Kings
> Cross Bikers club, bet you few of the non-riding community can.

I'm not taking that bet... I don't like to lose :)


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JL wrote:
> And if the bouncer still refuses him
> admission on the basis of being a banned OMCG club member he can lodge
> a complaint with fair trading which will cost him $35 and cause enough
> inconvenience to the publican to ensure his door apes attempt to read
> the logo or at least go find someone literate who can read it.
> It's just as plausible a scenario as the Damien "the world is caving
> in every biker will be banned from every pub in Australia" version.

It's plausible (you just said that remember) that the bouncer will
refuse admission... the actions afterwards don't matter.

The fact that it's plausible that the bouncer will refuse admission in
the first place is reason enough to oppose this legislation.

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JL wrote:
> On Jan 18, 9:03 am, G-S <ge...(a)> wrote:
>> [1] Anybody else noticing how this world is slipping from offence
>> committed and action is taken to 'oh we don't have proof, but lets take
>> action anyway'.
> Just because Australia and the US are, doesn't mean all of the world
> are. Some countries still care about the rule of law (that's places
> like the "cheese eating surrender monkeys" who revived modern
> democracy).

OK... I'll admit Australia and the US (I'd add the UK though).

Having said that... why not try and slow the slide by opposing laws and
regulations that encourage this slide in 'our world' (where we live).

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> It must be almost time for an Ausmoto dinner, and Parramatta is the
> geographic centre of Sydney, how about dinner at the Royal Oak guys ?

If I was in Sydney I'd pike now... given I'm not I'll just think
insulting comments about the choice of venue.

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> corks wrote:
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>>> corks <trigarti67(a)> wrote:
>>>> ummm can you name or tell me of a patch club that hasnt lived up to
>>>> their
>>>> ''colours''
>>> Vietnam Veterans?
>>> Zebee
>> hmmmm, they dont actually claim to be 1%�rs tho, tho over here they do
>> hang out a bit with them
> Where would you place 'God Squad' who also wear colours?
> G-S

Went to the God's Squad 35th anniversary the other week, there were lots of
1% clubs in attendance
some of whom I haven't seen for a long time
as you infer, they all look the same from the front so how could you tell?