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>> doing the scrutinizing, it's whoever is controlling entry to the
>> premises in question... and if they can't identify who is and who is not
>> a patch wearing club member in question, how do you explain the fact
>> that they've already identified 15 specific patch wearing clubs to
>> single out?
> It isn't just patches. It is, as far as can be determined, any
> "regalia" associated with the club.
> Such as someone with a Big Red Machine t-shirt.
> Whether someone wearing such a shirt is a club member, or liable to
> fight another punter is not guaranteed.

is that the shirt with the "81" written on it ??

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>> Hi corks.
>> I know this may sound like a daft question, but, if all the 1%ers are
>> such evil nasty law breaking people why aren't they in jail?
>> Like, "everybody" knows that they do illegal babies, double
>> park, have noisy exhausts on their bikes, and probably enjoy themselves
>> (Obviously a major crime in NSW) so why is it that there is such a big
>> deal about trying to stop them going into pubs?
>> I mean it's a pretty pathetic and niggly "punishment".
>> regards,
>> CrazyCam
> welll, for starters alot have done time

Far more, such as politicians should have done time for what they have done
but got away with it

> alot get charged but then witnesses have amnesia or suddenly cant be found

Reminds me yet again of politicians

> good lawyers :-)

Some politicians used to be lawyers

> stopping them ewearing their into public places is about breaking their
> aura/legacy of intimidation

and have them walk around half naked..........................?
ugly sight

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> JL wrote:
> > Because the licencing as written doesn't ban those people, and if a
> > brain dead bouncer fails to apply his rules correctly, you have a
> > comeback, two in fact, the licencing courts, and the fair trading
> > commission. 2 of 3 of those organisations are more than capable of
> > dragging a recalcitrant publican into court if they wished to.
> So legislation that brings unintended consequences down upon the heads
> of innocent people, that requires people to spend small fortunes in
> court to get justice that previously was theirs by right is ok with you?
> Sounds more like something John Howard would have pushed than you...

Yeah, you have a point, it's certainly unusual for me to be sitting on
the same side of the fence as Boxer...

I guess because I can't see the potential as a real issue. It's
certainly not *impossible* that every pub in NSW will suddenly refuse
to serve anyone in bike gear; but I just can't see it happening
anywhere other than a handful of pubs who have a jumped up idea of
their own status.

I also can't see how it actually changes anything. There are already
pubs today that will prevent people entering based on what they wear.

The only thing that worries me is the possibility that it is being
forced on the pubs - if that's so, I have a real issue with it.

I have no issue with any pub trying to choose who their patrons are.

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> On Jan 18, 10:48 am, Damien <> wrote:
>> I just think of some of the look I've had myself, just walking through a
>> shopping centre with nothing more intimidating than a dri-rider jacket!
> Errm Damien, what makes you think that the Dri Rider had anything to
> do with it ? :-)
> JL
> Could be a deodorant issue?
> Boxer

Could also be that Damien could have been walking through the Cairns
shopping centre
and the looks were not of disgust, but amazement because of the heat

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On Jan 18, 10:36 am, Zebee Johnstone <zeb...(a)> wrote:

> YOu and I can tell the difference between a 1%er and one of the Kings
> Cross Bikers club, bet you few of the non-riding community can.

Hang on. According to the facts available we have an explicit list of
18 banned clubs. So the Hells Accountant in his HOG jacket turns up
and the bouncer says no "Hells Angels" and he turns around and says
"is my logo on that list" ? And if the bouncer still refuses him
admission on the basis of being a banned OMCG club member he can lodge
a complaint with fair trading which will cost him $35 and cause enough
inconvenience to the publican to ensure his door apes attempt to read
the logo or at least go find someone literate who can read it.

It's just as plausible a scenario as the Damien "the world is caving
in every biker will be banned from every pub in Australia" version.

I don't know which will happen, but I'm betting on the latter.


The HA could also turn up with their red "81" shirt
which knuckle dragging bouncer would know what that meant?