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Zebee Johnstone wrote:

> I can remember the day after the Milperra shootout when anyone carrying
> a helmet was trouble. I - female, 20s, unadorned jacket - had concerned
> mothers dragging their children away from my dangerous presence. It
> got so bad that the MRA had to hold a press conference to reassure
> people that your average rider wasn't going to shoot people.

At that time I had a bloke in a pub pick me for a blue. It was the

Work to ride, Ride to Work...
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Damien wrote:

> When corks is trying to paint the OMCG's as the collective devil
> incarnate (not that they need much help with that image anyway), I hope
> he doesn't forget the irony in the blind support he gives his
> colleagues. As the above mentioned inconvenience attests, there are many
> cops out there who are as bad if not worse than any OMCG member.

Glad that someone else sees the elephant in the room...

Work to ride, Ride to Work...
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On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 22:09:30 +1100, "bikerbetty"
<bikerbetty(a)> wrote:

>>> It's like this John, if you, or GB, go into a complicated explanation,
>>> with quotes, footnotes, and commentaries, I can read the bits I want
>>> and then skip to next.
>> tl;dr

>Right, quick aside here, sorry..... tl? dr?? My net-illiteracy is showing, I
>know.... same thing when Gerry says that thing that he often says, what is
>it?- g,d,r ???
>Please???? some kind soul....heeelp! I am in need of enlightenment in order
>to enjoy the total usenet experience <snigger>

g,d,r stands for grins, ducks and runs.

Onya bike !!!

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CrazyCam wrote:

> Now, if there was a way of keeping the folk I don't like out of the
> pubs and hotels, I could be persuaded to go for discrimination, but
> picking out advertising executives and politicians is almost
> certainly too hard for the bouncers.

They can start with anyone wearing a suit and failing the 'language test'. I
propose the language test as being "Gidday mate, how're ya doin?" If the
response exceeds 10 words, the respondent is likely to be one of the target
group. If the words 'opposition', 'labor', or 'liberal' are included, shoot
the politician.


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Damien wrote:
> corks wrote:
>> bet you a packet of trumps cards, your not :-P

> Well, for starters I know when, where and how to use an apostrophe.
> You clearly do not. :-)

Damien, it is patently unfair to pick on a copper's grammatical skills in
this ng.

What the hell are 'trumps cards'?