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> > What about Aussies who complain about the government? Where should they
> > go? This is their country after all - you can't tell them to go back to
> > ***....
> Complaining about a Government and not doing something about it is a gutless
> move, get involved and make a positive contribution to the Governance of
> your community.

Umm but Boxer, what happens if the only useful and effective positive
political contribution you can think of involves the highly illegal
usage of semi automatic firearms in and around the houses of
parliament ?

Not being able to utilise the only useful remedy to the problem just
leaves a lot of us feeling rather stymied...

(Anybody willing to stand for political office is, by definition,
unsuited to hold that office )
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On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 22:02:32 +1100, "bikerbetty"
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>Boxer, you're hijacking the argument. George thinks that ppl who complain
>about something in a particular place should go back somewhere else (if they
>actually CAME from somewhere else - still no determination on where
>native-born complainers actually belong.... ) You're talking about a totally
>different thing!

Go Betty !!!!

Onya bike !!!

From: Alan Pennykid on
On Jan 17, 11:27 am, Zebee Johnstone <zeb...(a)> wrote:
> There's a move afoot in Sydney to ban people from entering pubs if they
> are wearing outlaw club colours or otherwise displaying club logos. (And
> they've named the clubs, the ones most of us think of when we think
> "outlaw club" such as Rebels and Bandidos). THe idea is the pubs
> themselves do the banning rather than this being a law as such.
> The UMC - an umbrella group of the patch clubs, who send a delegate to
> the MCC of NSW like any other club can - has asked that the MCC as a
> lobby group become involved in fighting this.
> As the delegate, I need to know what the people I'm representing
> think.
> Is this something non-patch-club riders should worry about, as an attack
> on motorcyclists?
I dont believe so

> Is this liable to be a problem for non-patch motorcyclists, like "you
> ride bikes and we don't want you"?
Cant see why it should be

> Is this something we should be concerned about as citizens, that you
> get banned because of what you wear or who you choose to associate with,
> even though you personally have done nothing wrong?
No other groups have been banned from public venues before because of
previous problems with those groups.

> In other words, is this something the Motorcycle Council od NSW should
> be involved in?
No they should not, its not about motorcyclists generally and its not
about their use of motorcycles either. Its because of who they are
and what they represent.

> This is a Sydney (well Paramatta so far, but it will spread) thing,
> but I believe other state groups are doing the same, in SA they are
> talking about making it law.
> So tell me, what do you want the MCC to do in this? Oppose the
> ban or not? If the MCC should support the UMC in opposition to the ban,
> what form should that support take?
> Zebee

I dont think the MCC should touch it at all.


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> See how many Harleys there are now? Frasers is building a huge new
> showroom at the moment and that's not because of Ducati.
> Zebee

But it could be to allow for expansion with their impending BMW

Shh, I didnt tell you OK.