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>> Boxer wrote:
>>> How many inocent law abiding motorcyclists wear Outlaw Colors?
>>> If the Pub Ban would upset them think of their attidude after getting
>>> bashed by a real Outlaw Bikie for waring "Colors"
>>> Boxer
>> You either don't get it, or aren't listening, or both.
>> The problem is not those who ARE wearing 'outlaw colours', but those who
>> are THOUGHT to be, but in fact are not. Bouncers aren't known for being
>> the brightest of sparks - far from it, in fact. But are you trying to
>> tell me that they will be able to infallibly identify and differentiate
>> the correct people?
> So you think "Dumb Bouncers" will ban people who he thinks are wearing
> "Outlaw Colors" but are not really, from the pub?
> So what are these people wearing that are so "Outlaw Colorish" that are
> capable of being mistaken for real "Outlaw Colors"?
> Assuming of course that anyone wearing something resembling "Outlaw
> Colors" manage to make it to the pub without being bashed senseless by
> "Real Outlaw Bikies" as opposed to imitation look alike pretend "Outlaw
> Bikies".
> Boxer

How many outlaw club members do you see in a pub lately//
I would guess not many
Most outlaw clubs I know have their own clubhouse and have their own
beer/liquor supply and have no need to go to the pub except to top up their
abundant supply
and the word is "COLOURS" not the septic spelling colors

you are a fool boxer.....that is if you are or were a boxer,, you have taken
too many hits in the head and your brain is fucked

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Boxer wrote:
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>> IF the publican says "you leave" and you don't leave, then they can
>> call the cops.
>> If the publican says "you can't come in" and you argue, they can call
>> the cops.
>> Zebee
> They can do this already.
> Boxer
At the moment they have to have 'cause'... eg you are drunk and
disorderly or don't meet the dress code.

This will mean that they can do it for less reason than now.

I've experienced similar issues to Zebee... I was refused entry to a
caravan park (pre-booked and pre-paid with license details recorded and
I was carrying a receipt).

This was in the evening and it was pissing down rain and I was wet and
tired but I walked into the office and I was polite and quiet.

Why was I refused entry? Because some *other* bikers had made trouble
there some time ago.

Excuse me if I think that 'reason' is fucked! When I asked for a cash
refund and refused to leave until I got a cash refund he called the
police (who attended in numbers... 2 cars).

Things went down hill when I requested the attending local police to
charge the caravan park operator with 'obtaining money by deception' (or
something similar). They seemed to believe it was ok to send me off
when there were no banks open, no ATM's and with little cash (pardon me
for wanting my refund in order to pay for accomodation).

I can see this sort of legislation causing similar issues...

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> I think outlaw clubs are being hypocritical by complaining about being
> outlawed.
> What a joke!!!
> I think the MCC ought to patiently and calmly explain to the UMC the
> full meaning of the term "outlaw" is...
> They can't have it both ways...



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>On Jan 17, 12:55 pm, Damien <> wrote:
>>Already happens now, any pub or club can enforce any dress code they
>>want - just try to get into any of Sydney's inner city nightclubs in
>>the wrong clothes and see how far you get.
>In Brisbane you will have trouble getting into night clubs if you are too
>old, too ugly or dressed unfashionably

Damn! and I had a trip planned to Brissie~


Coopers mate?

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In on Thu, 17 Jan 2008 06:14:35 GMT
Boxer <someone(a)> wrote:
> How many inocent law abiding motorcyclists wear Outlaw Colors?

It's not just colours, but anything with the logo of the gang, or
related to it.

So a t-shirt with "big red machine" on it, as that's a Hells Angels
publicity group.

We don't know what criteria they are using to decide what is a gang
logo or gang regalia, we don't know what criteria they are using to
pick one named/logoed group over another.