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kxdude4 wrote:

> Mike Baxter <mgb***> wrote:
>> Hello RMDers,
>> I no longer have that fire burning inside to go ride off-road riding. I
>> don't know what happened. I still enjoyed the rides I have been on, but I
>> just don't feel motivated. I guess the street bike is filling my
>> motorcycle needs, but I can't be a maniac on the street without too much
>> risk. It's certainly getting the bulk of my moto budget.
>> Anyway, I will be at Carnagie on Tuesday for it's last open day.
>> Who else?
> Say it ain't so! Do you find yourself ordering Pina colada's rather than
> beer? Are you currently referring to your buds as your "Manpanions"? Do you
> meet them for fore-stated pina's to strengthen your Bro-mance? WAKE UP!
> You've been one of the back-bones of this group! I can't believe that you'd
> go to the dark side. Remember, crashing on dirt started to hurt in our late
> teens.

Wuss. I didn't even start riding until my mid-30s and the idea of pain-free
riding is sort of like the idea of self-washing dishes.

> Crashing on pavement has always made one road pizza!

Well, the parts that hit the road, anyway. OTOH, us scab-pickers get to have a
lot of fun a few weeks later.

> You're just getting lazy, Bro! The convienience of riding right outta your
> garage is trumping the planning, loading, and drive to the track where you
> gotta lay down 10-20 fun-tickets to ride.
> Then again, what the heck do I know!!! I passed up a fine riding
> opportunity out at Prairie City just the other day 'cause there was a
> "chance" of rain and I didn't want my newly detailed out bike to get
> dirty....

There's your mistake right there. NEVER wash that sucker unless you need to
take part of it apart, and then only wash that part. I think your manpanions
are leading you astray. DETAILED? Christ!

> I blame the Swine Flu.... Swine, pig, dirt, mud... Is
> there a connection? I think so!!! No worries, Mr. Baxter, we Vet's will
> make a comeback...........
> In the mean time, BE SAFE!!!!
> Roost On!

I'm going skiing tomorrow. You can do it with snow, too.

Cheers, Bev
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